Green Bay Packers Punter Has Ankles Broken By Jacksonville Jaguars Returner, NFL Fans Go Nuts

by Will Shepard

No, the Green Bay Packers do not need to pull a soccer player off the streets to take the next punts for the team. Packers’ punter J.K. Scott does not actually have a broken ankle or two. But, he may want to look into tackling practice more seriously next week.

On Sunday (Nov. 15), Scott delivers a monster punt – 70 yards – down field against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars punt returner promptl takes the kick to the house, making punter JK Scott look absolutely silly in the meantime.

Talk about broken ankles… sheesh. It doesn’t get too much better than this for Keelan Cole. Like every kid who grew up loving the game of football, they inevitably dream about making a highlight play like this.

Punter Nightmare

No punter ever hopes to be in this situation. A massive punt downfield and trying to pin the other team down deep in their own zone is the goal. But, in this instance, his team misses a lot of tackles and Scott ends up being the only player left to save a touchdown.

Subway even chimes in on joking about how Scott got his ankles broken by the returner.

When Subway chimes in to make fun of you getting juked out of your shoes, maybe it’s time to retire. A great chirp from Subway, in support of Keelan Cole. However, Cole looks like a track star in his return touchdown.

Pat McAfee, who is arguably the most famous punter with his post-career work in sports media chimes in with his two cents.

In support of the punter who has his ankles broken on this play, McAfee comes to his aid with a short explanation. Saying that “5 guys covering the same exact lane” is bad punt coverage. Leaving your punter high and dry after a mostly excellent punt is a tough look. McAfee continues in support of the punter, “they should look like a net… ‘lane integrity.'”

Poor JK Scott. Maybe he can redeem himself with a tackle later on in this game.