Here’s How Much Tom Brady Makes in Bonuses for Each Playoff Win

by Madison Miller

Tom Brady is often considered the greatest quarterback of all-time, much to Joe Montana and Peyton Manning’s dismay.

Playing the leading role on the field, and being one of the best, must come with a pretty stellar paycheck. In the past, Brady had spent 18 seasons with the New England Patriots.

This season, he switched over to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he helped lead the team through the playoffs and into Super Bowl LV.

According to The Street, Brady is one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. His net worth is over $200 million. His contract with the Buccaneers alone was $50 million. It’s also only a two-year contract as well. However, what is the star player making in bonuses?

Tom Brady Bonuses

According to Outkick, if the Buccaneers pull out a victory against the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday, Brady will walk away $500,000 richer.

However, a Super Bowl win isn’t the only thing that’s gotten him more cash in the bank. Brady also made $500,000 from making it to the playoffs, another $500,000 from winning a playoff game, and then $1 million for both making it to an NFC Championship Game and proceeding to win.

Bonuses have become quite familiar with Tom Brady.

If he wins on Sunday, he will just improve on his record of being the player with the most Super Bowl rings. It would be ring number seven and his tenth overall Super Bowl performance. Not only is he getting bonuses, but he’s getting blinged out in the process.

Brand Endorsements

In addition to earning money from contracts and bonuses, he is also making money from brand endorsements.

He is currently partnered with Under Armor, Molecule Mattresses, Upper Deck, UGG, and Tag Heuer. In addition, he has 1.4 million Twitter followers, 8.2 million Instagram followers, and 4.6 million Facebook followers.

As a top-tier influencer, his posts can be racking in a lot of money as well.

According to Forbes, he made an estimated $10 million annually in off-field deals. This means anything from sponsors to memorabilia to licensing.

Tom Brady actually took less salary money from the Patriots. This was so the team could use their financial resources elsewhere in the league and make more use of their money in the process.

The only other player currently playing who makes the most in on-field earnings is Drew Brees with $245 million.

While the money and fame are certainly there for Brady, he is also widely successful. Where Brady goes, winning has followed. Fans are interested if that streak can continue into Super Bowl LV, where he leads another team on the field.