Herschel Walker Says ‘America’s Democracy is Better Than This’

by Quentin Blount

Earlier this evening, former NFL star Herschel Walker took to Twitter to voice his concerns once again about the 2020 presidential election.

In the tweet, he suggested that “anyone undermining this election should be prosecuted.” Walker has been avid in his political support for President Trump, especially leading up to the election.

“America’s Democracy is better than this… Republican or Democrat. Freedom and the right to vote legally is what sets America apart and made and makes us the greatest country in the World,” Walker wrote. “Anyone undermining our election should be prosecuted. We must fight for integrity.”

Herschel Walker Political Activity

Walker has been supportive of Trump throughout his presidency and has been especially active leading up to the election. The former Dallas Cowboys running back continues to endorse President Trump on Twitter and social media.

Just yesterday, Walker sent a tweet similar to the one he sent today.

“Play by the rules…..the American people demand ONLY LEGAL BALLOTS be counted,” Walker says. “Anyone manipulating this election should be prosecuted.”

Voter fraud has been a large part of President Trump’s push-back against mail-in ballots. The mail-in ballot system also plays a large role in the timing of election results. Because a record amount of voters chose this method, the results will take longer to calculate.

In a tweet last week, Walker stated “we need a president that works 24/7 for the American people.” In the accompanying video, he explained that “Donald Trump can give you twenty-four hours.”

Furthermore, Walker joined the FOX Business show Varney & Co. to fight back against Rep. Maxine Waters’ comments that she will “never forgive” Black Trump voters.

Walker criticized the politician for multiple reasons. The former running back said that Waters incited violence in 2018 in light of her telling her supporters that they should publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration. At the time, she was responding to a “zero tolerance” policy that separated immigrant families at the border.

Walker also slammed Waters for living in a million-dollar home.