High School Quarterback Scores 8 Touchdowns in Tribute to Mom Day After She Died

by Matthew Memrick

A New Jersey high school quarterback’s eight-touchdown night was for his late mother a day after death from cancer.

Red Bank quarterback Alex Brown’s mom dealt with 14 years of breast cancer. After Michelle Brown died on Nov. 11, her son led his school to a 58-34 victory over Morris Catholic.

Video highlights of the game went viral, and CBS New York reported that even NFL quarterback Tom Brady reached out to support the teenager.

High School Quarterback’s Great Night

When Brown found out about his mother’s death after Thursday’s practice, the teenager knew he had a decision to make.

Instead of sitting out the big playoff game Friday, the teenager could have played to take his mind off losing his mother. But Brown said his mom wanted him to do what he loves, and that’s playing some football.

After the first touchdown pass, Brown said he had a “really special feeling” that his mom was at the game in spirit. According to Sports Illustrated, the high school quarterback’s father and brother attended the game along with 48 other family members. 

Brown said after throwing his first touchdown pass of the night, he knew his mom was going to be with him the whole night. 

The high school quarterback played so well with his team that he said he felt “the whole night was scripted.” Brown ran for two of his eight touchdowns in the win.

The team scored a season-high in points while racking up 531 yards of total offense.

Brown said he wants to make sure “the whole world knows who” his mom is and carry her presence with him “for the rest of his life.”

He plans to attend Bucknell University next year with hopes of finding football success there. Despite offers from Georgetown and Columbia, the 4.0 GPA student is staying closer to home by going to the liberal arts school in Lewisburg, Pa. 

Social Media Comes To Praise Brown

Brown’s impressive game drew interest on social media, and one NFL quarterback reached out to the high school quarterback.

Tampa Bay quarterback and future NFL Hall of Famer Tom Brady Tweeted at Brown.

The high school quarterback’s had a lot of support from his schoolmates, teammates, and coach. The team is dedicating their season to Michelle Brown.

Student Rajahn Cooper called Brown’s performance “legendary.” He went on to say Brown had to have true spirit and courage to play a game like he did. 

“And I think it was a great example of perseverance, as a 17-, 18-year-old kid, to go through that. It was something I’ll never see again in my coaching days,” Coach Michael Lange told CBS New York.

This Friday, Red Bank Catholic plays in the second round of New Jersey’s non-Public B high school playoffs.

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