Indiana Fans React to Losing By Stripping in the Stands

by Matthew Memrick

If your Hoosier football team’s losing 17-3 to Rutgers in the first half, why not strip off your shirt and make some noise. 

Who cares if it’s cold. Make that Indiana cold.

Did it distract the visiting Scarlet Knights? Nope. Did it rally the troops? Nah, man. This 2-8 Indiana football team lost 38-3 in Bloomington, Ind., on Saturday. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone that this wacky Indiana team is four wins away from being bowl eligible.

That’s what happened Saturday, and media like Fox Sports and Barstool Sports picked up on video from the stands. Barstool even posed the thought that history would remember the fans over the final score easily.

Mainly, the group was a bunch of shirtless males. Estimates were around 200 college kids. They ran up to one section and started bopping along in the freezing cold. 

A quick check of the Big Ten weather Saturday revealed temperatures in the low 30s with possible snow showers overnight. One Twitter user said at least the kids wore pants.

Wait. Some of them were getting nude? Or not. You be the judge. 

I bet the college administration is going to love that. Hopefully, they don’t take a cue from fictional Faber College and put the lads on double-secret probation.

One Twitter joker said, “This is what’s known as a Rutger-induced fever. Should pass.” Why not Scarlet Fever since the mascot is the Scarlet Knights?

At least the kids with the hotdog gun were having fun.

Hoosiers Had Fun With Cincy

Earlier this season, Indiana nearly stole from nationally-ranked Cincinnati.

In September, the team led the Bearcats 14-10 at halftime. Never you mind that Cincinnati came back and won 34-28.

But what will be remembered from that game was the Indiana students who got so crazy, they ripped out an entire bleacher and passed it around Memorial Stadium. 

I’m sure kids at other colleges have done this. But doing it early on didn’t do anything in the loss.

Indiana Fun Throughout The Season

It’s been a heckuva year for both fans and Hoosier football players

And you know it wasn’t off to a great start when the school’s official Twitter account revealed a jersey mistake in the opening weekend of the season. Iowa trounced the team, 34-6, that day.

Names get misspelled all the time on uniforms, but state names?

Freshman running back David Holloman’s Indiana jersey had “Indinia” on the front of it. Oops. He looks calm and ready for the game. But not his jersey.

And the hits kept rolling for Indiana. After a well-deserved win, fans noticed the school’s flag hanging upside down. 

You have to wonder if the fans shaking their heads got a little whiplash back then. Or maybe it contributed to today’s stripping stunt.