IndyCar Music City Grand Prix Race Scores Best TV Ratings in 23 Years

by Jonathan Howard

IndyCar brought the horsepower to Nashville this past weekend. The Music City Grand Prix was the first IndyCar race ever in the city. However, it did more than that to make history. With 60,000 fans present in person for the main event, more than a million people across the country caught the action.

On Sunday, after a weekend of live music, cars, and fun, the Music City Grand Prix was contested. Drivers made their way through downtown Nashville. The course included two stints on the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge. In practice laps, fans were treated to a glimpse of the course. The bridge was rough on drivers. The video showed just how rough once drivers got to 150 MPH+.

After the race was over, it was clear how popular the event was. However, the ratings came out officially on Tuesday. The first-ever IndyCar Music City Grand Prix averaged a Total Audience Delivery of an average of 1.2+ million viewers. That is the best viewership for any IndyCar event in the last 23 years.

What Nashville has continued to do year after year is show how great of a sports town it really is. The city has taken on a lot of sports teams in the last 20 years. Throughout the year, the city has something going on somewhere as far as sports are concerned. Even if you find yourself not wanting to go to a sporting event, there is always a musical component to events. Organizers of the Music City Grand Prix made sure there were tons of events surrounding the races and brought in top-quality talent as well.

Music City Grand Prix Adds to Nashville Presitge

There is no denying that Nashville is one of the south’s best sports towns. With the Tennessee Titans in the NFL, Nashville Predators in the NHL, their professional soccer teams, minor league baseball, college athletics, NASCAR, and now IndyCar, what do they not have to offer? Get this, Nashville is set to host a Fifa World Cup Qualifier next month.

With the addition and the huge success of the Music City Grand Prix, IndyCar has to come back. In fact, they need to make it happen as soon as they can. The earlier they book it, the better. IndyCar could really use this opportunity to springboard off this success. When it comes to Nashville and the sports fans in and around the city, if you build it, they will come. If they can’t actually come to Nashville, they will watch it on TV.

What more can be said? Nashville, TN, Music City, possibly the best city in the south. Nothing seems to be stopping the sports entertainment momentum the city continues to have, either.