Is DeAndre Hopkins Hinting at Deshaun Watson’s Trade Negotiations in Cryptic Tweet?

by Suzanne Halliburton

DeAndre Hopkins, do tell. What does your tweet really mean?

Hopkins, the star receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, posted a gif Thursday. There’s nothing unusual about that. Except this gif was close up of dominos falling on a never-ending loop.

So, was DeAndre Hopkins referencing Deshaun Watson? You know the saying about inquiring minds.

Maybe DeAndre Hopkins Is One Of Those Dominos

If you’re an NFL fan, you know that the Deshaun Watson saga is an ongoing soap opera. If you’re not talking about the Super Bowl, you’re probably thinking about Watson and his plight with the Houston Texans. Watson reportedly requested a trade. His contract gives him the right to shoot down a deal if the quarterback doesn’t like the team asking for him.

Meanwhile, DeAndre Hopkins used to be Watson’s favorite receiver. That was back when Hopkins played for the Texans, before Houston management traded him to Arizona last year. Hopkins could be one of those falling dominos. He was an early one.

DeAndre Hopkins still is a big Watson fan. When the NFL tweeted a graphic with the top five leaders in passing, Hopkins gave it a push to his followers. In his quote tweet, Hopkins wrote “Glory” with a crown.

Watson won the 2020 passing crown, throwing for 4,823 yards. Kyler Murray, Hopkins’ quarterback with Arizona, threw for 3,971 yards, but won twice as many games.

Maybe Arizona Wants Watson

Or maybe the DeAndre Hopkins tweet referred to Arizona wanting to deal for Watson. That doesn’t seem plausible. The Cardinals selected Murray with the No. 1 pick of the 2019 draft. Surely Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t want to bail on Murray.

But ESPN speculated there could be interest. Maybe. The report suggested that three teams — Arizona, Buffalo and Baltimore — may prefer Watson over anyone on their rosters.

“These are three teams that might prefer Watson to their existing young star under center. If the Texans were interested in a straight one-for-one swap, it’s not out of the question that the Cardinals, Ravens and Bills would consider making that move. If the Texans call those teams, they should at least pick up the phone.

“Chances are, though, that the Texans would ask for significant draft compensation alongside Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen to get a Watson swap done. Jackson and Allen are eligible for new contracts this offseason, and Murray will get one after the 2021 season. Watson for Allen would be one thing, but the Bills probably aren’t shipping off a first-round pick alongside Allen to make it happen. Would be a fun challenge trade, though.”

DeAndre Hopkins was an early proponent of Watson possibly seeking a trade. After former Houston receiver Andre Johnson tweeted that Watson should “stand his ground” with the Texans, Hopkins urged the quarterback to “listen to Dre.”

One thing is certain, this story will drag on for weeks. NFL teams can’t even do trade deals until March. Stayed tuned.

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