Jake Paul Slams Conor McGregor in Post UFC 257 Fight Video

by Katie Maloney

YouTube star/boxer Jake Paul roasts Conor McGregor after Dustin Poirier knocks him out in last night’s UFC 257 fight.

McGregor got back into the ring last night for 1 1/2 rounds before eating a series of kicks and punches in a total knockout loss to Poirier. And Jake Paul wasted no time getting on Twitter to slam the former UFC champion.

 Jake Paul spent months rallying McGregor to fight him. Paul even offered McGregor $50 million for a fight. However, after last night, it looks like Paul has a new offer for McGregor. Paul shared a video of himself yelling “You could have had 50 million dollars!” Paul then joked that he’d be willing to offer McGregor $10,000 cash to fight him. Along with the video, Paul wrote, “AYE @thenotoriousmma INSTEAD OF $50 MILLION I GOT $10,000 for you now. CASH THO!! ALL CASH”

Twitter Fans Aren’t Cutting Conor McGregor Any Slack

Although most fighting fans can respect anyone who’s willing to step into the ring, the Twitter world isn’t so gracious. Followers immediately took to Twitter to roast McGregor.

One follower edited McGregor’s photo onto a pile of blankets. Along with the photo, they wrote, “Guys! Guys! McGregor is just having a nap! You guys are such silly geese!”

Another fan added Bernie Sanders to an image of McGregor in the ring. Along with the photo, they wrote, ” What really happened to McGregor…”

Another follower shared a photo of someone putting on shin guards. Along with the photo, they wrote, “Connor McGregor getting ready for the trilogy with Dustin Poirier.”

However, some Conor McGregor fans stayed true and offered support. One fan shared a photo of McGregor along with one of his famous quotes. Along with the image, they wrote, “Legends lose, but that’s how they get better. Can’t wait to see you fight again, you’ll get the next one.”