Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Boxing and MMA Stars Roast Internet Celebrity After Win

by Clayton Edwards

Jake Paul racked up another win in the boxing ring last night. He faced off against former MMA champ Tyron Woodley. In the end, Paul won by split decision. However, many members of the combat sports world believe that both men took home the L after a fight that many called “embarrassing.”

There is no doubt that Woodley represented Jake Paul’s biggest challenge in the ring. His fight career started by stepping into the ring with another YouTuber. After that, he turned pro and fought one more YouTube personality. Then, he took on Nate Robinson, a former NBA player. Before taking on Woodley, Paul faced off against –and defeated – Ben Askren, a former UFC fighter and NCAA wrestling champ. Tyron Woodley was the second MMA fighter that Paul stepped into the ring with. To date, Jake, who claims to want to be a legitimate boxer, has not faced an actual boxer in the ring.

For many, the fight was rather uneventful. Woodley spent the first three rounds trying to find his footing. However, Jake Paul spent that time racking up points on the judges’ cards. When Tyron found his rhythm in the fourth round, he couldn’t capitalize on his momentum enough to overcome Paul’s lead in points.

The overall fight and Jake Paul’s win sparked some snark among professional fighters on Twitter.

Fighters Sound Off About Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Seasoned MMA fighter Nate Diaz summed up what most fighters were thinking in a simple tweet. “These guys both suck,” he tweeted during the fight. Several other fighters chimed in with either facepalm or yawning emojis. They didn’t even think the fight warranted words.

UFC fighter Aljamain Sterling had a little more to say about the fight. He noted that Jake Paul was using his weight and reach to his advantage. However, he saw where Tyron Woodley was going wrong, “Woodley should be teeing him up with that right hand, after utilizing the jab.”

Bellator fighter Dillon Danis had some critiques of Jake Paul’s fighting style. “Jake is very flat-footed basic overhands closes his eyes when he throws that’s easy work.”

Some fighters didn’t even understand why they watched the fight. Former unified Jr. middleweight champ J Rock said, “I just wasted 30 precious min of my life that I’ll never get back. I’m upset with myself.”

UFC bantamweight fighter Brian “Boom” Kelleher knew why Tyron Woodley stepped in the ring with Jake Paul. “Frustrating to watch, but ya know what? Woodley’s bank account wins even though he lost.”

At the end of the day, fighters and fight fans alike probably won’t see Jake Paul as an actual boxer until he steps in the ring with someone who is trained in the sweet science. To date, Jake has faced off against athletes who were older, lighter, and most importantly not boxers. Time will tell if he actually makes the move to legitimate pro boxing or remains a side-show act to take home hefty paychecks.

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