Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Fans Break Out in Brutal Brawl in Stands at Fight

by Josh Lanier

Jake Paul claims that more than 1.3 million people paid to watch him fight Tyron Woodley Sunday night. But the best fight of the night was in the stands.

After the fight on Sunday, a clip surfaced online showing two fans arguing in the crowd. It’s unclear what the fans are arguing over, but the jawing soon devolves into blows. The two trade haymakers with their friends jumping into the fray to swap blows as well.

It’s a pretty chaotic scene, and it’s unclear what happened to the young men after the fight. One of the instigators sneaks away as police arrive to break up the scrap, leaving his friend to face off against two others and a potential assault charge. TMZ said it reached out to police but hasn’t heard what, if any, charges they filed against the fighters.

You can see a video of the brawl below. Note there is a lot of NSFW language in the clip.

Tyron Woodley: Rematch Against Jake Paul ‘Done’

Tyron Woodley said he will fight Jake Paul again. He’s already hyping a rematch saying that the second fight is a “done” deal.

“We’re doing the rematch,” Woodley said. “I have to get that win. It was too close. This is a movie. Ain’t nobody going to push the needle like me and him did. We sold the s— out of this pay-per-view. I think everyone was excited about it. He was tough. He was fatigued in the fight, and he found a way to keep pushing through. I can never knock him for that, but we have to run it back.”

Both men raked in a seven-figure purse for the fight after taking their cut of the millions in pay-per-view revenues. It was the biggest payday in Woodley’s career. So, it makes sense that he’d want to face off against Paul again. Even if that means getting an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo and posting the results on Instagram.

“I’m willing to be a man and honor my end of the deal,” he said on The MMA Hour Monday. “(Paul) made a new deal since he’s the one that makes the bets. Now the bet blew up in your face. Let’s do it. I’m willing, and I will. If I’ve got to get my own tattoo artist, I think I’m sliding to L.A. Let’s get it cracking.”

Paul hasn’t confirmed that he’ll fight Woodley again as of publication. He actually claimed he retired from boxing. Though, no one believes him, especially considering that Jake Paul continues to hype potential future fights he wants to have.

He seems to want to fight MMA superstar Conor McGregor. That would be a massive fight for him but a likely step down for The Notorious One. Vegas oddsmakers say the most likely next fight for Paul is against Woodley.