Jay Cutler Tells Hilarious Story About ‘Safety Bar Fail’ While Hitting Slopes

by Matthew Wilson

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler has been busy the past few weeks enjoying his best life. The athlete has been on a skiing vacation. Or enjoying his shred life as he boasts on Instagram.

But one of his final skiing days ended up being a little scary when he hit the slopes. A couple of kids on the ski lift didn’t want to put down the safety bar. Cutler ended up quivering all the way to the top as his feet dangled between the great height below. The former quarterback recounted his scary tale to his followers on Instagram.

“Last day of shred life. Rode the first lift up with three kids,” Cutler said during the video. “They didn’t want to put the safety bar down. Regretted immediately. Was terrified. It’s snowing. My visor is popping out. Can’t see anything. I’m starting off good. About to shred this mountain apart. Shred life.”

In a previous video, Cutler posted a video of himself on a ski lift, with the safety bar securely down. He said he planned on bringing the safety bar back in style. Most ski lifts have safety bars to protect from a swift plummet to certain doom. But, some thrill-seekers (Cutler, apparently, not included) like to leave the safety bar up. Accidents do happen on ski lifts, and there have been cases where skiers have plunged to their deaths.

Jay Cutler: Professional Shredder?

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that Cutler teased audiences with the shred life. Back in December, he posted videos and pictures of himself hitting the slopes at some unknown location. So what exactly qualifies as the shred life? Well, Outsider’s own Thad Mitchell has the answer.

Based on an Urban Dictionary search, a shred life is: “A life in which you do what you love and love what you do. A willingness to completely dedicate yourself to your activities for the sake of the shred.”

Apparently, Cutler draws the line at safety bars in his pursuit for the shred. But we really can’t blame him. As they say, safety first. The former quarterback appears to be living his best life since he left the NFL. While you can’t catch him in this weekend’s Super Bowl, Cutler will probably be hitting the slopes again in the future.