Jeff Gordon Teases Date in Latest Post: ‘Stay Tuned’

by Quentin Blount

NASCAR Hall of Famer Jeff Gordon took to social media on Friday evening to tease his fans and followers by posting a mysterious date.

Gordon climbed out of his No. 24 car for the last time back in November 2016. His incredible career resulted in four championships and 93 career wins. He finished third in the Sprint Cup Series during his final season. Now he’ll bring a fresh perspective to the FOX broadcast booth alongside Darrell Waltrip and play-by-play announcer Mike Joy. That starts with Saturday night’s Sprint Unlimited exhibition race.

Meanwhile, Gordon has many of his fans speculating after his most recent tweet.

“Stay tuned… #TeamJG,” Gordon wrote on Twitter. The tweet includes a picture with the date “02-03-21.”

Gordon’s fans and followers have taken it upon themselves to chime in on what his tweet might have meant. One fan suggests that the orange line in Gordon’s photo could be a hint at him racing in the SRX Series.

“Is the orange line a hint at some @SRXracing in your future? 👀👀👀” Zach (zrl_designs) wrote.

DNG (@Danascarguy) sent a humorous response suggesting that Jeff Gordon would drive in the Daytona 500 and broadcast at the same time.

“You’re gonna drive in 500 and broadcast at the same time,” DNG replied.

Nikolai Culp (@NikolaiPCulp) asks Gordon if he will be driving at the Circuit of the Americas.

“Driving at COTA? (Let me dream),” he said.

Others also mentioned ideas such as Gordon racing Knoxville Trucks, or in the Bristol Dirt Race. While fans are anxious for him to spill the news, everyone is extremely hyped and excited for him.

Jeff Gordon Enjoying the Broadcast Booth

Jeff Gordon says that the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making broadcasts is fascinating. He even enjoys the weekly conference calls, saying that they remind him of debriefing sessions at Hendrick Motorsports. That’s where he started in the Cup Series in 1992.

“I enjoy the process; I enjoy the sport,” he told USA Today. “I was hoping this would be interesting and keep me busy, and it certainly has done just that. Because the transition is similar to a race team, I love that part of it.”

However, Gordon has been warned that it won’t be an easy time watching someone else drive his race car. Waltrip tells him the toughest moment might be during the first practice session when the No. 24 car rolls onto Daytona International Speedway without Gordon in it.

“I think it’s going to hit me at that point,” Gordon said. “And when whoever wins the Daytona 500 pulls into victory lane and there’s that excitement and celebration, it’ll hit me I don’t get to be part of that again as a driver. There’s nothing that compares to that.”