Joe Buck Hilariously Responds to Critic About Why He Needed His Family on ‘Family Feud’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Joe Buck tried a game show for the second time this year. And unlike his time as guest host of Jeopardy!, he went down in flames Sunday night on the Family Feud.

Joe Buck brought his wife, sister and two daughters to compete on Family Feud with him. The Bucks faced Oliver Hudson and a squad of his friends.

The match was tight. And like what mostly happens on Family Feud or the celebrity version of the show, it came down to the last question. Name a woman in your life who’s smarter than you.

That’s when Joe Buck went against the own women in his family.

Answers that were already on the board — “my bae,” “my mom” and “my sister.” When Steve Harvey asked for Buck’s answer, Buck said “my best friend.” Cue the obnoxious buzzer noises.

The rest of the Joe Buck team seemed surprised at the answer. That’s because Joe Buck had gone rogue. When the family huddled with a chance to steal, the consensus answer was “my boss.” But Buck said my bff.

Joe Buck Going Rogue Irritated His Family

Guess what? My boss was on the board. Buck’s daughter Natalie said: “I’m so mad. Buck’s wife, Michelle, added, “Steve, we were literally in the huddle and had all agreed on ‘boss.’”

So Joe Buck started catching good-natured grief on Twitter. The official Twitter account of Celebrity Family Feud teased the meeting between the Bucks and friend of Oliver Hudson.

Then Joe Buck quote tweeted one of the replies. A fan wrote: “Name a woman in your life that is smart(er) than you: Your wife, daughters and sister. That was hard to watch.”

So Buck responded, adding more details with how he came up with best friend.

“I don’t need a game show to tell me that! Hahaha. Always known. That’s why I brought em. We were gonna say teacher then that got an X. Our “consensus” was weak. I actually went with my youngest daughter’s answer. That’s tv! Wahhhhh. It was a blast. Thanks Family Feud ABC”

Oliver Hudson, one of the stars of Nashville and the brother of Kate Hudson, ended up playing for Fast Money.

Buck Guest Hosted Jeopardy! Earlier this Year. Sports Is His Real Job

Earlier this year, Joe Buck tried his hand at guest-hosting Jeopardy! as the quiz show tried to find a permanent replacement for the late Alex Trebek.

Buck kept his real job. He’s the lead football and baseball announcer for Fox Sports. Jeopardy! also tapped Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers for hosting two weeks worth of the show. The show wanted a third representative from the sports world. But Bob Costas turned down an offer to be a guest host. Costas left NBC in 2019.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are gearing up for the start of the NFL regular season. They’re the lead announcers for NFL on Fox. The first game of the season is set for Thursday, Sept. 9. That game features the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing host to the Dallas Cowboys.