John Daly Admits Struggle to Quit Unhealthy Habits Amid Cancer Battle

by Halle Ames

PGA golfer John Daly gave fans a health update after hitting a career-low of eight-under at the TimberTech Championship last weekend.

During an interview after Daly’s career-best round of eight-under, he updated fans on his bladder cancer diagnosis, saying there isn’t much change. Daly has also been struggling to kick bad habits such as his sugar intake and smoking.

“I mean, I’m just tired all the time. Just trying to drink the right stuff, but it’s hard to take diet coke away from me. I was proud of myself. I only smoked six cigarettes today. Usually, I smoke a pack and a half. I’m trying to cut back, but hell, who knows. You can’t quit instantly.”

In addition, Daly has said that he refused to cut his beard until he beats the bladder cancer. Although some of his children aren’t fond of it, Daly said the beard would stay even if it takes years.

“If it gets too bad, I might have to trim it a little bit, but I’m going to keep it, though. It might be down to the ground before this thing gets over with, but I’ll– that means I’m still living,” he said.

John Daly Gets Choked Up

At the end of the interview, a man asked how the professional golfer felt about the constant support he has gained throughout the battle. Daly took a second and seemed to choke up a bit with his brief answer.

“The players, the caddies, they’re awesome,” he said. “They’ve been great.”

As for how Daly copes on a day-to-day basis, he said it helps to keep his mind busy, so he doesn’t think about it too much.

“Just kind of staying busy, you know, just trying to keep it off my mind,” he said. “I got about another month before I have to go do it again. I gotta keep living, I can’t just stop, so the more busy I stay, the better I am.”