Johnny Damon, Former Red Sox Star, Charged with DUI

by Will Shepard

Johnny Damon is a Red Sox legend, no question about it. His career after leaving the New York Yankees seems to be trending downwards. In particular, on Friday, February 19, he was charged in Florida for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The former major league baseball outfielder was arrested outside the city of Orlando, Florida. He is actually getting more charges than just the DUI.

Johnny Damon is a two-time World Series Champion, winning one with the Red Sox in 2004 and one with the Yankees in 2009. Now though, twelve years later, he is being charged with a DUI and resisting arrest. His wife is being arranged on charges of battering a police officer.

On Friday morning, around 8:15 a.m., Damon was pulled over by a Windermere Police Officer. According to the report, Damon had a blood alcohol limit of more than twice the legal limit in Florida. As the report states, he blew a .20, which is far above the .08 driving limit in the state.

During the interaction with the police, Johnny Damon resorted to violence. Again, the report shows that he began resisting arrest with violence against the police officer. To make matters worse, his wife was also resorting to violence against the officers.

Johnny Damon Arrested Outside of Orlando for a DUI

Johnny Damon is 47 years old and is an Orlando, Florida native. So he is currently being kept in the Orange County Corrections Department.

His playing career, on the other hand, was outstanding. During his eighteen-year career, the outfielder was considered to be one of the best in the MLB.

He began his career with the Kansas City Royals, where he was beginning his rise to stardom. Johnny Damon was drafted back in 1992, with pick number 35 in the first round.

After a short stint with the Oakland Athletics, he moved on to the Boston Red Sox. He played there from 2002-2005. While he was playing with the Red Sox, he helped bring the city of Boston its first World Series win in 86 years. During his tenure with the Red Sox, he was consistently one of the best outfielders in the Major Leagues.

After the 2005 season, Johnny Damon signed a massive contract with the New York Yankees. But, his career didn’t have quite the same legendary status it did with the Red Sox. However, in 2009 he still helped the team win a World Championship.

Once he left the Yankees, he bounced around the MLB. Johnny Damon began his tour of the MLB, playing for three teams over three years before retiring in 2012. However, he is a two-time All-Star and even was given AL MVP votes across four seasons.