Juju Smith-Schuster Isn’t Stopping Pregame Dance Routine: ‘I’m Not Going To Stop Being Myself’

by Charles Craighill

Despite a two-game losing skid for the Pittsburgh Steelers, JuJu Smith-Schuster doesn’t plan to stop dancing. The eccentric wide receiver has made a name for himself for his performances on Tik Tok as much as those on the field. Well, to be fair, his Tik Tok performances do happen on the field. The middle of the opposing team’s field for that matter.

Before each game, Juju Smith-Schuster could be seen dancing on the other team’s logo. While the Steelers remained undefeated, the dance seemed funny and somewhat appropriate. However, once the Steelers fell to the 5-7 Washington Football Team, the joke started to fall on him.

With last week’s loss to the Buffalo Bills, social media began to really lay into the wide receiver for his antics. Now that the Steelers own a two-game losing streak and have fallen out of first place in the AFC, many fans wonder when the receiver’s focus will return to the field.

However, despite the jokes and criticisms from social media, Juju Smith-Schuster said he will continue his pregame ritual. “I’m not going to stop being myself. I plan to keep doing it,” he said of the pregame dances. Unfortunately, he and the Steelers need to plan on winning some games. With the two-game skid, the team has lost its number one seed in the AFC. This means the loss of a crucial bye week only allotted to one team in each conference.

Juju Smith-Schuster and the Steelers Playoff Picture

Until two weeks ago, Juju Smith-Schuster and the Pittsburgh Steelers were the only unbeaten team left in the NFL. At 11-0, they held a stranglehold on the AFC North Division and sat in first place in the AFC. Juju was dancing, the Steelers were winning, everybody in Pittsburgh was happy.

Despite the untarnished record, some red flags started to appear in the Steelers’ season. When examining their schedule and the wins they had, some reservations rose to the surface. Many of the teams they beat were not good football teams from a record standpoint. For instance, of those first eleven wins, only four came against opponents with winning records.

Furthermore, the Steelers only had one decisive win against a team with a winning record. That came against Cleveland with a 38-7 win in week 6. The Steelers even struggled in the games against under .500 teams, often winning by less than one possession.

Either way, the signs of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ weakness has been exposed for weeks, but now they stick out like a sore thumb. If the Steelers wish to make a Super Bowl run, they need all of their players focused on that goal. Maybe Juju Smith-Schuster can multitask, but if he loses after another midfield Tik Tok dance, he and the Steelers might be in trouble.