WATCH: Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger Celebrate at Ryder Cup in Most American Way Possible by Shotgunning a Beer

by Suzanne Halliburton

This year’s Ryder Cup is a madhouse, what with the early morning singing, constant chants of U-S-A, and the easy-drinking of adult beverages. Change the name to Rowdy Cup.

Two American golfers joined in after Saturday’s session of the Ryder Cup. Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger finished their morning rounds at Whistling Straits Golf Club in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Then the two circled back to the first tee box to mingle with the rowdies in the grandstands.

Fans there definitely were in a party move. Beers were being thrown into the crowd. And two were thrown back. As the fans yelled “Do It, Do It” Thomas and Berger picked up the cans and shotgunned the brews. And yes, the crowd chanted U-S_A, U-S-A! How could they not cheer for golf and beer? After all, this is America.

Take a look at the video:

Call It Ryder Cup Swagger — Justin Thomas Slam Dunked His Can

Justin Thomas was so animated that he took a knee to chug the beer. He toasted the crowd, then slam-dunked the can. Berger also easily drained his beer, too. It almost looked like a scene at a frat house on a Saturday night instead of a staid international event like the Ryder Cup.

Plus, it should be pointed out that Berger and Thomas had finished their competitive golf for the day. They were just like any other normal golfer who hits the links, then finishes off the day with a burger and something cold to drink at the 19th hole. Millionaire golfers = they’re just like us.

Ryder Cup captain Steve Stricker didn’t seem to mind Thomas and Berger’s behavior. Owning a healthy advantage over the European team also helped with the mood.

“To be quite frank with you,” Stricker told reporters. “It looks like they are having a good time and enjoying the experience. We get ridiculed for being too tight and all that, and then we do something like that where it looks like our team is together and having a good time and trying to get with the crowd.

“I thought it was great,” Stricker said. “It’s kind of a Milwaukee Bucks thing where, if I’m not mistaken, I’ve seen ‘Chug a Beer’ on the JumboTron at the Milwaukee Bucks games. And it’s something that’s kind of a Wisconsin tradition, I guess, whether it’s good or bad. It just looks like they are having a good time.”

There Should Be a Party On The Course This Afternoon

The Ryder Cup action Sunday is head-to-head singles play. The first players started teeing off at noon. Team USA owns an 11-5 lead. There likely will be another massive American party sometime this afternoon. Here’s some context about the lead. No team in Ryder Cup history has ever overcome a margin that big. It also represents the largest advantage the Americans have had in the Ryder Cup since 1975.

In Ryder Cup world, you party on.