Kevin Durant Hilariously Trolls Kyrie Irving with Comments About ‘Saging’ Before Playing Video Games

by Will Shepard

The NBA is a wild world. Specifically, Kyrie Irving has been making headlines lately for his antics. Not many of those headlines have been all too positive.

However, on Friday (Dec. 18) before a preseason game against the Boston Celtics, Irving took some burning sage to the court. He walked around the court with the sage cleansing the air and waving it around his body.

Immediately, everyone took note of the interesting pregame warmup. And one player, in particular, was asked on TV about it. Kevin Durant took the opportunity to make fun of his Brooklyn Nets teammate.

During the hilarious interview, Durant remains soft-spoken but quips about how his teammate is an oddball. He says that the point guard for the Nets is just a funny guy.

Durant Making Fun of Irving “Saging”

Even though Durant initially makes fun of Kyrie for probably burning sage in his room before playing video games, he then talks about how he respects the ritual. After being asked to shed light on Irving using the sage, Durant giggles and launches into an explanation.

“That’s his thing, I mean, Kyrie probably sages his room before be plays 2k.”

But again, Durants certainly respects the methods that Irving uses to prepare for games. It also helps that the point guard is arguably one of the best players in the NBA.

“So, that’s just what he does. I think that gives us good energy, and he does it in the locker. That’s his thing, and we all respect him, and we all, you know, we respect his methods. He comes out here and plays extremely hard for us.”

The pregame ritual certainly paid off for the Brooklyn Nets as they easily won the game against the Boston Celtics. Both Durant and Irving played extremely well. In fact, Durant finished the game with the most points at 25. Irving recorded 17 points for the third-highest score of the contest.

It seems that the sage burning will remain part of Irving’s pregame ritual. As the adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So, unless the Nets start losing, don’t expect Irving to stop “saging” anytime soon.