Kobe Bryant Based Character in Book ‘Epoca: The River of Sand’ on His Daughters

by Katie Maloney

During an emotional interview with Vanessa Bryant, author Ivy Claire reveals that a character in Kobe Bryant’s new book is based on his daughters.

The former basketball star’s new novel for young adults, “Epoca: The River of Sand,” was released this week. The book is the latest addition to the #1 New York Times best-selling Epoca series from Bryant and Claire. The books are about Pretia, the Princess of Epoca, who attends an elite magical sports academy.

With the passing of Bryant in January, the release of this book was emotional. Especially for Bryant’s wife, Vanessa.

During a live interview with Claire on Instagram, Bryant shared that she loves the book and is reminded of her daughter through one of the characters. Claire says that basing one of the characters on his daughter was “…very important to Kobe.”

Which Character Is Based On Bryant’s Daughter?

During the interview, Claire describes one of the characters, Vera. “She has this really competitive streak that’s just overwhelming but she never ceases to be a really great friend,” says Claire. To which Bryant is quick to respond.”Yea, Vera reminds me a lot of [daughter] Gigi,” says Bryant.

Claire confirms that isn’t a coincidence. “I don’t think that’s in any way a coincidence. We rewrote it to look like your daughters,” says Claire. “That was very important to Kobe….so, I’m glad that comes through.”

Bryant replies, “It really does, so thank you for that.”

Is Kobe Bryant A Dreamer Or A Realist?

One of the topics the book tackles is the difference between a realist and a dreamer. Claire says that “This was Kobe’s idea 100%.” According to Claire, a dreamer is someone who approaches their goals in a more creative and roundabout way. Whereas a realist approaches goals in a more focused and straightforward manner. Claire says that Bryant claimed to be a dreamer but she jokingly challenged him on that.

“Which I kind of questioned that because he was pretty focused and driven in many ways,” says Claire. “We both realized that we are both a little bit more dreamer and realist. Which is how this book comes out in the wash. You have to be a little of both to truly be the best in your field.”

Claire also reveals that Bryant had very specific ideas about who, within the NBA, were dreamers and realists. “And Kobe definitely had his idea of who he played basketball with – who was a realist and who was a dreamer. But he would never tell me!” says Claire.

In the end, Claire says that the most important message of the book is to recognize the potential within yourself. ” It’s a question of digging it out and excavating it,” says Claire. “And that’s something everyone is capable of..everyone can be the best self that he/she can be.”