Kurt Warner’s Puffy Jacket Becomes Talking Point for NFL Fans

by Chase Thomas

Kurt Warner is an NFL legend. He’s also, since retiring from the NFL, become a big-time analyst for America’s game. Naturally, one might expect an analyst like Warner to eventually go viral at some point during his career in broadcasting, but not for what people are talking about when it comes to the St. Louis Rams legendary quarterback this week. Yes, Kurt Warner’s puffy jacket became a talking point for fans this week.

Warner was in the booth for the Monday Night Football Game Part 1 featuring the Raiders vs. Bowns and when the camera flipped to Warner and his broadcast partner in the booth Twitter erupted with comments. Warner unveiled a big-time silver, flashy puff coat that got everybody talking and having fun about it.

Warner was a good sport about the jokes at his expense. He tweeted about the coat saying, “Yeah what they said…but really, it’s all good! I’m not at you and I LOVE the coat matter if it looks like a burrito, a spacesuit or George’s puffy coat! #LetsGo

Kurt Warner’s New Film

The legend of Kurt Warner continues not just in broadcasting, but on the big screen with his new movie about his miraculous rise to NFL stardom and Super Bowl champion. He told GQ of his time when he was playing with the Barnstormers, “Oh yeah. It was all like that. When we became a part of the Barnstormers, they put us in these apartment complexes in a tough part of the town where the cops would come almost on a daily basis. You’d be watching the news and you’d realize, oh, they’re in our parking lot right now. Back in 1993, there was a flood in Des Moines.”

How wild is that, Outsiders?

He continued, “A local hotel was flooded and all of their furniture was water-stained. When they gave us an apartment, we went down to this old warehouse and picked out all this waterlogged, mismatched furniture from the old Holiday Inn.” Kurt Warner paid his dues.

He concluded his story, “There was a long period of time where I was like, okay, can we get past that? It was a thing I had to do, and now let’s just focus on the fact that I can play. But the more you gain perspective, the more you understand it’s a big deal because everybody has that moment. That was probably the biggest thing that I’ve heard over the years from people from all walks of life: I love your story and it helped me to keep going, and realize that, even though I’m here now, this is not where I have to end up. That’s the connecting piece to so many people that will never understand the NFL journey. They all will understand that. It connects to more people than, “Oh, you won a Super Bowl.”

It was a tough time for Warner, but it was part of his incredible journey. You can’t help but root for the guy.