Lamar Jackson Leaves MNF in 4th Quarter for ‘Cramps,’ Others Say Bathroom Break

by Evan Reier

Let’s start with the facts. The Baltimore Ravens (7-6) were taking on the Cleveland Browns (10-3) on Monday Night Football, with quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield matching up with their respective high-powered offenses.

We’ll get into more details of the game later, but in the second half of the contest, Jackson left the field and headed to the locker room. The official statement from the Ravens was that Jackson was suffering from cramps and was “questionable” to return.

Watchers, including former NFL player Will Blackmon, are stating otherwise.

“I know that kind of run, and it ain’t because of cramps lol…” Blackmon writes.


The video shows Jackson jogging in the back hallways of the stadium, approaching a door being opened by a staff member, and then shooing the person away. With the context of Blackmon and an overwhelming amount of people convinced on Twitter, it’s hard not to wonder.

This isn’t to mention that other Raven Robert Griffin III had a meme to share, acknowledging the ordeal.

We’re not here to take a side on Jackson’s cramps or stomach issues, all we know is that it opened the bathroom door for the Browns to get back in the game.

While Jackson Was Away, Baker Mayfield Ignites

For the majority of the second half, the Browns trailed the Ravens for two scores. In fact, Jackson and Baltimore took their first second-half possession for an easy touchdown. They took just 2:13 minutes to go up 28-14.

However, the Cleveland offense came alive through Mayfield. The former Oklahoma Sooner led the Browns to two straight touchdowns, running in one and finding Rashad Higgins for the other. After trailing 34-20 in the third quarter, the Browns possessed a 35-34 lead.

Lamar Jackson Returns

After his, break from play, Jackson hit the field at the perfect time to not only save some face, but lead his team down the field for a 42-35 lead.

The Browns might have wanted to have a bit stronger coverage, but nonetheless, Lamar strikes magic.

What’s insane is that this game saw another touchdown from Mayfield to nearly put it into overtime, but another bit of Jackson’s incredible play got the Ravens within field goal range, where Justin Tucker sunk a 55-yarder for an eventual W.

Truly, a duel for the AFC North history books.