Wisconsin Fan Breaks up Would-Be Brawl at Las Vegas Bowl

by Amy Myers

The Wisconsin Badgers took down Arizona State Sun Devils at the Las Vegas Bowl on Thursday – both in the stands and on the field.

Whenever we hear that there’s a brawl in the stands at a football game, we always assume that it’s between two fans from the opposing teams – mostly because it’s easy to understand how it escalates. A few too many tall beers turn into some loud criticisms. An opposing fan responds, a verbal battle ensues and soon enough, someone’s crawling over their seat to throw a fist.

But at the Las Vegas Bowl, the fight developed over some friendly fire. According to a video submitted to TMZ, two Sun Devil fans got into it, and initially, they just waved each other away as a friend stepped in to separate them.

Then, the fan on the left spouted a remark that had his rival ready to brawl.

“Take your high school education, and sit down.”

Soon enough, the other participant was in his face, and fists started flying. The Sun Devils fan in the Ryan Morgan jersey (#85) shoved the guy down the next row of seats. The fellow fan in the yellow sweatshirt hadn’t had enough yet, but before he could retaliate, a couple of others stepped in to come them down.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

You can watch the intense moment here.

Wisconsin Fan Settless Situation at Las Vegas Bowl

Chapter two consisted of the same fan in the #85 jersey and a new challenger. This time, the fan in the gray sweatshirt stepped over the friend to grab at his opponent. This time, though, the Badgers fans had enough of the nonsense. A Wisconsin watcher in a black hat and redshirt (and equally red face) decided to mediate the situation once and for all.

After ushering the more aggressive of the two back to his seat, the man lectured each of the fans involved in the situation like a disappointed dad walking in on his sons trying to trap each other in a headlock. He walked up and down the row, pointing his finger and scolding each of them for participating in the fight.

“Calm the f— down everybody,” he yelled, looking at each of the Sun Devils fans. “You stand up one more time, and I’ll come up here and knock you out.”

After the Wisconsin fan disciplined the inebriated brawlers, the crowd broke out in applause as both Sun Devils and Badgers cheered the man on.

He then led the Las Vegas Bowl stands in a “Let’s Go Badgers” chant before humbly taking his seat again. And just like that, the matter was resolved.

Oh yeah, and Wisconsin beat ASU 20-13 if you were still wondering.