Las Vegas Raiders RB Josh Jacobs, Analyst Matthew Berry Fire Shots at Each Other Over Recent Troll

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday, Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs got into it with ESPN Fantasy Football expert Matthew Berry on Twitter.

Jacobs recently trolled fantasy football owners who had him on their teams. He showed he couldn’t care less about the virtual football leagues, and basically lied to fantasy managers saying he would not play on Sunday. However, he did play against the Indianapolis Colts over the weekend.

Berry took issue with the way Jacobs treated his fantasy owners on Sunday. During ESPN’s The Fantasy Show, Berry let the running back have it in a segment titled “Don’t Be This Guy.” Berry said Jacobs’ posts were insulting, but the Raiders player fought back, reposting the show’s clip and saying he doesn’t care.

Berry caught wind of the retweets and reemphasized his original point. In addition, the ESPN analyst said Jacobs doesn’t care about his fans.

The former Alabama Crimson Tide player adamantly disagreed with Berry’s take. In fact, he said his messages have only been for fantasy owners, not his true fans in Raider Nation.

Jacobs isn’t the first NFL player to have issues with fantasy football owners. Numerous athletes have dealt with harassment on social media following poor performances from fantasy owners who had them on their team. The players often feel like fantasy owners don’t treat them as human beings and don’t care about their physical health.

Yet, it’s a rarity when a fantasy expert like Berry argues with a prominent NFL player. We’ll see if the feud continues following the Raiders’ Thursday night matchup against the San Diego Chargers.

Josh Jacobs Trolls Fantasy Owners with Fake Update

The feud between the second-year running back and Berry began with a couple of pregame posts from Jacobs on Sunday.

Jacobs trolled fantasy football owners who selected him on their teams with a bit of misinformation. He had to sit out in Week 13 due to injury, but seemed on track to return the next week. All reports suggested that the running back would return for the Raiders matchup against the Colts on Sunday. But, before the game began, Jacobs posted some cryptic messages on his Instagram Story.

In contrast to reports saying he would suit up, the Raiders RB posted “SORRY GUYS I’M NOT PLAYING TODAY” followed by three laughing emojis.

Next, he followed that up with a message that read “A LOT OF HOT FANTASY OWNERS.”

In addition, Jacobs added another message at the bottom in tiny print that could be easily missed. He wrote “OWELL *middle finger emoji* YO FANTASY,” basically dismissing his fantasy owners and whether or not they won or lost.

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