Lavar Ball and Kevin Durant Square Off in Heated Exchange on Durant’s Podcast

by Atlanta Northcutt

The saying “opinions are like…., everyone has one” speaks volumes when it comes to Kevin Durant and Lavar Ball butting heads over their two different beliefs. On Kevin Durant’s Podcast, things became heated when Lavar Ball wouldn’t back down.

On Kevin Durant’s Podcast, The ETCs, the two got into a disagreement over basketball, which isn’t surprising since Lavar is well-known for instigating arguments over the sport.

Kevin Durant vs. LaVar Ball on The Game

Ball is a father of two boys, and in a cocky manner, he tells Durant:

“My son (LaMelo) will beat Steph Curry one-on-one,” “I can beat Michael Jordan, and “I’ve never lost,” are just a few of the comments to anger players and fans over the years. Lavar was sure to sound off while speaking with Durant.

Lavar obviously has high expectations for his three children, Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo to be in the NBA. However, they may be set too high, especially if one of the goals is for you to be an NBA head coach.

“Hey, don’t let me be no coach in the NBA. Why? I’m gonna be the first sucker to press,” Ball said per a transcript from Yahoo! Sports. “‘You can’t press!’ Somebody is gonna get tired. You can say what you want, but somebody [is] gonna get tired, and it ain’t gonna be us.”

Durant Expresses a Different Opinion than Ball

However, Durant was in heavy opposition to what LaVar was stating.

“You’re not pressing no point guard, no starting point guard in the league right now. I don’t believe that’s happening,” says Durant, with a lightly heated tone.

“I’ll overplay, you’re gonna have to throw that ball — I guarantee you,” Ball says. “You know why they don’t press? Because that’s the word. See, you are putting it out there, too. Can’t press, point guard’s too good. Yeah, you might get through 20 times, but we see what you are gonna do the other 40 times. I’ll tell you that.”

Durant was put off by the cocky attitude of someone who has lesser success than himself.

Kevin Durant has titles Ball hasn’t reached yet, including being a two-time NBA Champion and former league MVP.

One of the biggest problems with the theory of LaVar is if you make adjustments and the coaches are good enough to know how to make them well then success will be found, but Durant knows better. His understanding of the correct moves and alignments situated between coaches and their players come with time and experience.

Kevin Durant Gives Up Saying….”We’ll See”

LaVar wouldn’t back down.

“I’m gonna say to you this: every time you suckers losing, they don’t know how to press the whole time, that’s why,” Ball says. “My philosophy is this: don’t wait ’til you get down to press. How about we do it the whole game. And then it’s a shock in the NBA. … If you already play like that when you’re starting the game, you’re already in desperation, so it lasts the whole time. It would be different, but I love when they say that would never work.”

Durant finally threw his hands up, acknowledging the words “I’m wrong” and “You’re right” aren’t in Ball’s vocabulary.

“Yeah, you usually make it work,” Durant said. “So, we’ll see.”

Experience and humility always speak the loudest without having to raise their voice.