LaVar Ball Talks Lakers Winning Title After Lonzo Ball Departure: ‘LeBron Didn’t Do Anything’

by Madison Miller

The Lakers have been dominant in the NBA lately with a solid core of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The preseason is currently going on. However, the season is set to start on Dec. 22. There will be 10 fewer games than the typical season.

Ball and Davis Switch

The team was able to get Davis after trading Lonzo Ball to New Orleans. Now, the Lakers are in first place in the Conference. With two of the strongest players in the game, this season may be a natural sweep for the team.

Some people believe that due to LeBron’s success, he has a say in who is on his team roster. However, LaVar Ball defends the Laker’s player as being an innocent bystander. The player recently had an AMA on Bleacher Report.

LaVar is the father of three different basketball players: New Orleans point guard Lonzo, recently-released Pistons shooting guard LiAngelo, and Charlotte point guard LaMelo. He used to play professional football himself and was also the CEO of Big Baller Brand.

He discussed the decision to move Lonzo from the Lakers.

“Lebron didn’t do nothing. It was just the coaching over there. Coaches didn’t know how to play LeBron and Lonzo together … You saw they brought in one new guy and they won a championship … it was that simple.”

This is actually a pretty tame comment from the fiery father. The very first AMA question had to do with his claim in 2017 that he himself could beat legendary all-star player, Michael Jordan, on a 1-on-1.

“No, I don’t think I could beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1… I KNOW I could beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1,” LaVar Ball said.

LaVar Ball’s Controversial Statements

The father has put a lot of attention on himself. In the past, he has been the biggest advocate of his sons. He said it was always his goal to have three sons in the NBA. With this being a reality now, one fan wondered if he ever regretted the amount of attention he placed on himself.

“No. Here’s the thing man. People gonna say what they wanna say, but you can’t take your eyes off of me! Anything that’s mine, I’m gonna promote it. Those are my boys and I think they’re the best in the world,” LaVar Ball said.

He is quite the ego-built character. When asked which celebrity he’d want to collab with he said “himself” since he’s a celebrity “why don’t I collab with myself?”

LaVarr Ball has received hate in the past for his eccentric statements, but a lot of them have been true. He wanted all his sons in the NBA and here we are. Now, his goal is for them all to be on Charlotte together. Then they would be “the face of the NBA.”

NBA 2020-2021

Looking into the 2020-2021 season, the Lakers have an advantage with LeBron and Davis working together. With wins since the switch, it seems management may have made a good decision. When it comes to COVID precautions, the NBA site gives a full list of details.

Players will receive daily testing. In addition, any player who tests positive will have to take 10 days off or test negative twice at least 24 hours separated from each test.

The official season will kick off in about a week.