LeBron James is Apparently Slamming Back Drinks After Air-Balling a Free Throw

by Keeli Parkey

After air-balling a free throw during the Lakers’ Christmas Day game, LeBron James was not happy with himself. But, the NBA superstar had a solution in mind.

While speaking with members of the media following his team’s 138-115 victory over Dallas, James said wine is the cure for his free throw shooting woes.

“I’m gonna go home and be double-fisting (wine) so I can not air-ball any more free throws,” he reportedly said.

LeBron James air-balling a free throw during the third quarter was shocking to many – and humorous to others. Commentator Jeff Van Gundy stopped mid-sentence to point out the air-ball. “I believe LeBron James just air-balled a free throw,” he said.

Accordingly, others watching the game expressed their views regarding the free throw via Twitter.

Despite the missed free throw, James scored 22 points in the holiday win over Dallas. In addition, he had 10 assists and 8 rebounds.

NBA fans can see if drinking wine does help the NBA star’s free throw shooting when the Lakers host the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday, Dec. 27.

LeBron James Continues Support for Community

When not on the court, James is known for his philanthropic work around his Ohio hometown. Most recently, he announced plans to create House Three Thirty in Akron. The project is one of many his foundation, The LeBron James Family Foundation, has undertaken in the community.

“The work is never done,” James says in the promotional video for the project. “In fact, it’s just the beginning.”

According to the video, the foundation plans to convert The Tangier into a “multi-use gathering space.” The site was once home to a profitable event space. Furthermore, it is centrally located in Akron and accessible to many.