LeBron James Makes Call for Help After ‘Brother’s Sister’ Murdered in Hometown

by Charles Craighill

NBA star LeBron James asked for help finding the murderer of his “brother’s sister” earlier today. He tweeted for help using the hashtag “Justice4EricaWeems.”

While there currently isn’t any information available on the specifics of the case, James’ tweet is trending on Twitter. He shared the message in the afternoon on Nov. 4.

The tweet appears to contain only information on the subject. LeBron James explains that Erica Weems “was murdered this past weekend in her home” in Akron, Ohio, where James grew up. James calls for Akron to “go to work and find out who did this awful, shameful, disgusting thing.” While Twitter has been resounding in its condolences, no more information pertaining to the case has surfaced.

Some on Twitter have questioned the wording of his tweet, but most have been supportive. The direct relationship between James and Weems remains unclear, but the world has shown support nonetheless.

LeBron James Social and Political Activism

For most of his career, people have known LeBron James for his action off the court as much as on. In the NBA Playoffs this year, he was among the leaders of the decision to boycott a game. While this was successful in raising awareness of police brutality and racial injustice, many believe it was the cause of the significant drop in ratings. President Donald Trump mentioned this during a campaign rally earlier in Pennsylvania.

On election day, LeBron James publicly endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. While he has been politically active in the past, this was his first official endorsement. Before he officially endorsed Biden and Harris, James advocated strongly for voter turnout. He, among countless other athletes and celebrities, encouraged Americans to vote. The efforts of these public figures appeared to work, as the polls showed a record turnout of voters.