LeBron James May Release an Album: ‘I Won’t Be Rapping or Anything Like That’

by Will Shepard

LeBron James is all about his music and lets the world know it at almost any chance he gets. So, yesterday, February 17, he took to Twitter to share more thoughts about music.

On Twitter, LeBron James says that he wants to make an album. But, there are some important stipulations to this album he’s supposedly coming out with.

Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar basketball player is saying that he won’t be wrapping or singing on the album. But, he says that he knows plenty of people who can do that for him. So, what does this mean for the album and how is Lebron James going to put this album out for the public.

LeBron James Coming Out With an Album of His Own in the Future

While LeBron James says that he won’t be rapping or anything like that, it probably means he will produce it. So, what will be in store for his fans that are eager to hear his album?

Perhaps the superstar will be making all the beats for his talented friends to rap on. But, that begs the question, who will be on this album that the Lakers’ star is making.

LeBron James notes that he is aware he is known for his play on the basketball court, but he wants to delve into the music industry. Could this mean that fans are going to get to see a collaboration of some of the hottest artists on the planet? Maybe music and basketball fans will be in for a treat with this album.

All that is known right now, though, is that the superstar certainly loves music. Recently, on his Instagram, he posted a picture of Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant wearing wreaths on their heads. LeBron stood in front of the painting with his hands clasped in prayer.

Music is certainly an important part of “The Kid From Akron’s” life, and he lets all of his fans know. This is clearly the next logical step in his progression in the music world.