Leonard Fournette Goes Into ‘Playoff Lenny’ Mode with Insane Touchdown and NFL Fans are Hyped

by Jon D. B.

For Leonard Fournette, game time means game time – and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back just let loose one of the best touchdowns of the season.

It’s almost Super Bowl time. The Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at it as we speak at Lambeau Field for the NFC Championship. And Tom Brady is aching for that 10th chance at glory. Will he take the Bucs there? Absolutely, if Leonard Fournette has anything to say & play about it.

But Aaron Rodgers is keen on finishing out an MVP-worthy season, too – and the Packers are itching to get him his second chance at the Super Bowl…

On the flip side, a win for the Bucs also means NFL history on home turf. If they take today, they’ll be the first team to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium in history. Are they destined for Super Bowl LV at their Raymond James Stadium?

Leonard Fournette says yes. Watch as the man goes full “Playoff Lenny” with “A spin move and broken tackle by Leonard Fournette puts Tampa back on top!”

Leonard Fournette FTW

“On Thursday, @Nate_Tice and I talked about how in the playoffs, you can’t rule out the Packers’ defense just forgetting how to tackle or running out of gaps or falling over for no reason. We got all of them on that Fournette TD,” says NFL writer & host Robert Mays via his official Twitter account.

“And then the Bucs are able to run a PA off a similar look with a Duo run action. Get plenty of defenders to bite as Godwin does a great job of selling and adjusting for the catch,” he follows-up.

“Buried themselves,” Nate Tice responds. His initial comment, however, paints an even clearer picture:

“Bucs are going to run either Weakside Zone, Split Zone, or Duo as they continuously play Rock, Paper, Scissors with their run game. Here Fournette does a hell of a job finishing on Duo.”

Let’s Watch That One More Time with Eric Crocker

“Wow.. lmao. Gained a yard on one play that was blocked up well. Then on a play where there were no yards there Fournette makes an amazing 20 yard TD run. Wtf lol,” laughs Former NFL/AFL CB Eric Crocker in reference to Leonard Fournette and this insane touchdown.

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