Logan Paul Reportedly Gets in Fight with Heckler

by Matthew Memrick

Internet personality and part-time boxer Logan Paul couldn’t hold back when a Los Angeles heckler recently called him a name outside a bar.

On Wednesday, TMZ witnessed the 26-year-old Paul leaving The Nightingale Plaza when a man called him a “p***y.” The bar dubs itself as a luxury nightclub for elite Hollywood nightlife.

A little roughhousing came next, followed by a bit of security escorting the man on his way. Needless to say, cooler heads prevailed.

But, hey Logan, keep it in the ring. Especially if you take on legendary boxer Mike Tyson. You’ll need your energy.

Paul’s Wednesday Night Mess

After the man shouted out at Paul, the YouTube celebrity slapped the man upside the head.

Before that, Paul talked to a few autograph seekers who were curious about his rumored fight with Tyson. Paul ignored the questions when one of the autograph seekers, riled up by the diss, called the star out.

The comment instantly irritated Paul, and he got up in the man’s face, shoving him before issuing the head smack.

Paul’s show put bystanders in shock, and it took Paul’s friend and podcast co-host Mike Majlak to step in between Paul and the man. According to The New York Post, Majlak asked the man not to “be an a-hole” and bearhugged him before security stepped in. He also asked Paul to go back to the club.  

Both men separated, with Paul getting a valet to retrieve a camera from his car. TMZ also reported Paul kept his smile despite the tenseness of the moment.

Logan On A Roll

Logan Paul’s been impressing fans with his boxing skills of late. The YouTube celebrity’s fighting career has grown over the past few months. His brother, Jake Paul, is in the same situation.

Both Paul brothers have played up a possible fight with Tyson in a celebrity fight with the 55-year-old boxer telling the New York Post “hell yeah” on if he’d like to fight a Paul.

Yahoo! News reported that the prospect of fighting amused Tyson.

“You’re talking to me? About taking on —” Tyson said. “Maybe. I’m an old man, you know? I don’t know what I could do now.”

Logan Paul is coming off a June exhibition with prized fighter Floyd Mayweather. The 6-foot-2 blond-haired fighter went eight rounds with the 5-foot-8 Mayweather.  

Could a Paul-Tyson fight happen? Well, the Logan Paul-Mayweather battle did bring in $50 million with more than 1 million pay-per-view watchers. So anything is possible.

And if it’s a charity fight, some lucky non-profit organization or foundation could reap the benefits. Last year’s Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. fight earned $80 million, with Tyson telling Yahoo! Sports he was giving $10 million from the fight to charity. 

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