Logan Paul Trashes Canelo Alvarez After ‘Respect’ Comments, Brings Up Boxer’s ‘Cheating’ Past

by Madison Miller

On YouTube star Logan Paul’s quest to be a famous boxer, he’s stepped on a few people’s toes along the way.

Most recently, Paul is unleashing on professional boxer Canelo Alvarez for calling him disrespectful.

Logan Paul Fires Back

Alvarez told TMZ Sports in an interview that it was “a little disrespectful” to the sport that the Paul brothers think they can just jump in and fight whoever. He said for the brothers, it was more about money than it was about getting involved in the sport.

On the Night Shift Gaming stream, Paul went on an angry tirade. He showed just how upset he was over the comments from Alvarez.

“I think he’s the guy that got caught using steroids twice. We want to talk about disrespecting boxing, talk about a guy who didn’t play by the rules,” Paul said.

In February 2018, Alvarez tested positive for clenbuterol, which is a steroid.

According to USA Today, he insisted at the time that the results were due to tainted meat that he ate in Mexico. Though fellow boxer Gennady Golovkin accused Alvarez of being protected by corrupt boxing officials.

Paul used this as fuel for calling Alvarez out for disrespecting boxing.

“To say we’re disrespecting the sport, I feel disrespected especially as it’s coming from a guy who quite literally disrespected and spit on the ethics of the sport. Yeah, it upsets me,” Paul said.

YouTubers in Boxing

Canelo Alvarez is presently the No.1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

“I would invite them over for a sparring session so they truly know what it’s all about … I don’t agree that people who are basketball players or who are YouTubers get licenses. This is a very risky sport, so if they’re going out there, it’s risky,” Alvarez said.

Logan Paul scored a future match against Floyd Mayweather. Alvarez has fought Mayweather in the past but lost. However, Alvarez is making it clear that he does not consider the Paul brothers to be on a professional level.

In the process, he is also calling out people like Nate Robinson. Robinson was a former professional basketball player and made his debut with Logan Paul. He lost the match against Paul.