Louisiana Lafayette Fans Caught ‘Slapping the Bag’ Mid-Game by TV Cameras

by Josh Lanier

Them Cajuns are going to rage, there’s no way around that. A couple of Louisiana Lafayette fans proved that this weekend when they snuck in a bag of what looked like mixed drinks to share during the Sun Belt Championship game on Saturday.

No. 24 Louisiana Lafayette welcomed conference rivals App. State. to the game, Ragin’ Cajuns fans were cranked up long before it started. The team had lost the previous three Sun Belt Championships — two to App. State — and they wanted some payback. So, some fans snagged a few nips in the parking lot before the game started. And a few more before it kicked off, and again shortly after.

And once Lafayette took an early lead in the first quarter, there was nothing left to do but have a few drinks to celebrate.

ESPN cameras caught three fans sharing what is believed to be a half-drunk, 2.5-gallon bag of Fireball. Cajun Field doesn’t allow outside food or drink, but I doubt these legends worried about such rules.

The rest of us would have tried to sneak a flask in a boot or fill an empty bottle of Sprite with some Vodka. Something simple. But these young men skipped all traditions to chase glory. Never change college football.

The Ragin Cajuns went on to finish off the Mountaineers 24-16 and, most likely, the rest of that bag.

LSU Gave Brian Kelly a Massive Contract, New Accent

If you tuned in to watch Brian Kelly climb atop the LSU Tigers team recently, you probably noticed something off about it. The Massachusetts-born Brian Kelly sounded a lot like a good ol’ boy.

Kelly didn’t have that drawl when he was leading the Fighting Irish in South Bend. But maybe a few Hank William’s tracks of the trip down inspired this new tone of voice. Fans quickly gave the Tigers’ new head coach the nickname “Bayou Brian.” It was largely funny, but when Kelly drew out the word family to like five syllables, it made this Southerner cringe.

The reaction from fans was immediate and mixed. Twitter lit up with Bayou Brian posts. Several people pointed to him slowly morphing into Colonel Sanders or Daniel Craig’s character from Knives Out. Some wanted him to embrace his new Southern home.

“Put a dip in, you coward,” one person wrote.

Others online became part-time investigators. One man examined how Kelly’s pronunciation of “family” changed in a matter of days. But in fairness, if you backed a Brinks truck up to my house, I’d say just about anything you want in an accent of your choosing.

The Tigers reportedly gave Kelly a contract worth $100 million over 10 years, the chance at several seven-figure bonuses, two cars, and a $1.2 million house loan.