LSU’s Brian Kelly Defends Fake Southern Accent

by Chase Thomas

Brian Kelly is your new ball coach at LSU. The longtime Notre Dame head coach shocked everyone in college football when he made the decision to leave South Bend for Baton Rouge. The two parts of the country could not be more different, along with where Kelly is originally from. Immediately, folks were wondering how Kelly would fare with the culture shock that awaited him once he got to LSU. Well, Outsiders, we got our answer a few weeks ago during a halftime speech at a basketball game. Now, Kelly was interviewed again and addressed that southern accent heard around the world.

Kelly was interviewed on the broadcast during the LSU vs. Kansas State bowl game Tuesday night. Kelly was asked about his accent and poked fun at himself for not getting it down right. “Listen, whether it was dancing, or I couldn’t get my accent down,” Kelly starts to say.

After that, though, Kelly went viral again as he said,”Listen, I’m from Boston, we don’t have strong accents.” Twitter had some fun with Kelly saying that folks from Boston do not have strong accents. Its fair to wonder if Kelly was being sarcastic here, but his point went viral on Twitter.

Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic tweeted, “oh yeah, you can never tell when people are from Boston.” One fan wrote in response to the tweet, “Famously subtle accents in Boston.” Another fan wrote, “Wicked bad take from Brian Kelly.” Again, it is hard to say whether or not Kelly was trying to be funny here or not with his answer about Boston. Either way, it’s clear Kelly knows the fake southern accent thing was objectively funny and he was a good sport on the broadcast for the LSU vs. Kansas State game about it.

Willie Robertson on Brian Kelly at LSU

In football terms, Kelly arriving at LSU is a huge deal. It was the biggest swing and home run hire of a crazy college football coaching cycle. Nobody saw the Notre Dame coach moving down to Baton Rouge to coach the Tigers in 2022. And yet, here we are where the last three head coaches at LSU have all won national titles. Only time will tell if Kelly will continue that tradition, but the odds are high that he will.

Willie Robertson was on The Marty Smith Podcast this week and talked about his excitement over the hire. Willie told Marty, “[Laughs] I have got to go down.” He continued, “I’ve got to get myself to Baton Rouge so I can help him with some of the dialect. That was the funniest thing… So that was kind of interesting. Boy, he’s gonna have to really win now. He’s gonna have to win some ball games.”

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