Marcus Peters Defends Himself After Being Spotted Spitting on Jarvis Landry

by Quentin Blount

Baltimore Ravens defensive back Marcus Peters is defending himself after being accused of spitting on Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

There’s now an ongoing feud between the two players after Peters appeared to spit on Landry during Baltimore’s crazy 47-42 win over Cleveland on Monday night. 

NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo reported the latest update in the exchange on Thursday evening. “Marcus Peters says there was no intentional spitting toward Jarvis Landry,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Ravens cornerback released a statement saying he “didn’t spit at Jarvis.”

“I didn’t spit at Jarvis. Where I come from, when you have an issue with someone, you deal with it face-to-face, man-to-man,” Peters said. “Anyone who believes that I intentionally spit at him does not know me — plain and simple.”

The spit incident happened near the end of the first quarter during this week’s Monday Night Football. There’s no question that Peters shoots some spit in Landry’s direction. That means the only real question is if it was an accident like he claims or if he was aiming for the Browns receiver. Landry actually didn’t even know about the spitting situation until he watched replays after the game.

Jarvis Landry Responds to Spitting Incident

The Cleveland receiver didn’t hold anything back in his response to Marcus Peters. He even went as far as calling the Ravens cornerback “a coward” after his spitting incident.

“Everybody knows what type of player he is and the type of person he is,” says Jarvis Landry. “He’s a coward. I think he knew that maybe behind my back he’d do things like that, but to my face, he wouldn’t. … Now I know. Everybody knows the type of player he is, the type of person he is.”

Landry laughed it off when ESPN asked him if he was concerned over the spitting due to NFL COVID-19 protocols. His response was something along the lines of what you might have expected between the two rival players.

“If there’s a protocol for being a man, that sure ain’t it right there,” he said.

In what was quite possibly the best game of the season to date, Baltimore still came away with the vicotry in the end. However, Landry says he won’t be forgetting the spitting incident any time soon. This could definitely make things interesting if the two division rivals advance to the postseason and meet up in the AFC playoffs.

“I won’t lose sleep,” ends a heated Landry. “But definitely going to make it another game to remember.”