Maxx Crosby on Emotional Pro Bowl Path: ‘I Was in Rehab Almost Two Years Ago’

by Chase Thomas

You might be hardpressed to find a more inspiring story in the NFL this year than the rise of Pro Bowl defensive end Maxx Crosby of the Las Vegas Raiders. Crosby got emotional when talking with reporters this week following the Raiders’ big Monday Night Football win over the Browns. It has been a long journey for the former Eastern Michigan star. Crosby spoke about his emotional Pro Bowl path saying, “I was in rehab two years ago.”

Now, Crosby is in the Pro Bowl and the Raiders are still fighting to make the playoffs in the AFC.

Maxx Crosby continued, “It just brought back memories … I was in rehab almost two years ago and now I’m in the Pro Bowl.” And then he added, “This is just a blessing, man. I show up and I try to be the best teammate everyday, show my guys that I care.”

This all means the world for the star edge rusher, who is having an unbelievable season for Vegas.

He continued, “This hit home, man. This is special. It makes my family proud, my girl, everybody around me is calling, blowing up my phone. I’m crying like a baby because I know I’ve worked so hard, and it’s starting to pay off.”

He gave a shoutout to the defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, too. He said, “Coach Marinelli, got to say something about him because he pushes me every day.” Marinelli is a legend coaching defensive lines in the NFL. It’s always been where has shined brightest, and Maxx Crosby is thankful to have him as a coach. He continued, “Pushes me every day to be the best player I can be … he just wants to see the best of me. I want to kill him sometimes, he wants to kill me, but he just wants to see the best for me. He knows what I want. I want to be the best in the league and he pushes me to be that guy every day.”

Derek Carr on Max Crosby

Maxx Crosby’s quarterback is also a big fan in Derek Carr. He told the Las Vegas Sun, “I was like, ‘Maxx, you’ve proved it on and off the field every day. Everyone knows his story off the field and what he’s been able to accomplish in his personal life and, on the field, we’ve seen what he accomplished this offseason. No one has worked harder than that guy. In the weight room, even on days when we’re not lifting, (strength coach) A.J. (Neibel) has to tell him, ‘We’re not lifting today. Go rest.’ He has just taken his game and leadership to such a high level. Man, I’d follow that guy anywhere. He inspires me.”

What a season and rise for Maxx Crosby of the Raiders.