McKayla Maroney Wears a Hot Pink Two-Piece as She Updates Fans on New Endeavor

by Amy Myers

Former Olympian McKayla Maroney is showing the world that her time on mats was just one successful chapter of her versatile life. Since retiring from gymnastics, Maroney has dipped her pointed toes in many other hobbies and talents. Besides filling Instagram with stunning selfies, the former gymnast also created a designated account for mental health, beauty and wellness. She has also been busy writing songs, painting and designing.

Recently, McKayla Maroney shared a life update with followers regarding a new project–her very own Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Now that Maroney is exploring new creative avenues, she decided to join in on the NFT fun. In the caption of her recent Instagram post, Maroney explained how she came to create her very own digital artwork collectible.

In her photo, Maroney wore a neon pink two-piece workout wear in the seat of her car. With matching pink lips and wireless headphones in her ears, she flashed a confident smile. In the corner of her photo, Maroney showed a preview of her artwork. The following photo featured a full shot.

McKayla Maroney Introduces Her Very Own NFT Artwork

“Whether it’s painting, songwriting, interior design, fashion or just taking photos of my friends, being creative is what makes me feel the most ME,” Maroney wrote in the caption of her Instagram photo. “Even as a gymnast, I just wanted to be remembered for the unique spark of sassy attitude, and artistry that I brought to the floor — and with the not impressed face, it happened.”

The former Olympian is, of course, referring to her signature “not impressed” expression after coming in second place during a gymnastics competition at the 2012 London Olympics. While receiving her silver medal on the podium, Maroney pursed her lips to the side in an unamused expression. The look instantly became a craze all over the world. Eight years later, Maroney still receives more recognition for the “Not Impressed” face than her gold medal from the same Games.

She continued, “Now that I’ve retired from gymnastics, creating “art” is what makes me feel that spark again, and it doesn’t need to be for anyone else… but this Not Impressed NFT is for you!!!!”

With all of her newly discovered creative avenues, Maroney also encouraged followers to “always remember that YOUR unique spark is special!!! Don’t lose it for anyone.”

Over the past few months, NFTs have become extremely popular as a new way of owning and trading online art forms. From videos to photos to GIFs, NFTs are the virtual version of an art show.

Along with the “Not Impressed” token, collectors can also purchase some of Maroney’s paintings as well.