Meet Chuck Norris’s NASCAR Champion Son

by Madison Miller

Chuck Norris has rounded up quite the following due to his iconic roundhouse-kicking and action star lifestyle.

The actor even has his own category of jokes to depict his “inhuman abilities.” Surely, everyone knows that Chuck Norris breathes air like everyone else, but only has to do so five times a day.

While Chuck Norris is beyond iconic, his son is working on making his own name for himself.

Eric Norris Racing Career

Norris has five children, one of which is Eric Norris. Early on in his life, Eric Norris developed a close bond with the racing world. He started racing with Chuck Norris back in 1982 and then happened to win a championship 20 years later.

“My whole childhood I loved racing, and I raced motorcycles. I got an opportunity to race some open wheel cars, like Formula 2000, and I caught the bug. Later I had an opportunity to go race NASCAR Trucks. We had a big sponsor, but I had never done any oval racing before so I went out and got my butt kicked because I was a road racer. After doing eight races that year, I took a step back and got my own team to race in the West Series until we won a championship in 2002,” Eric Norris said to ESPN in 2012.

Eric Norris won the 2002 NASCAR Winston West Series Championship. When he graduated from Arizona State University, Eric began his racing journey at Willow Springs Raceway and the Formula Ford Series.

As it turns out, Norris’ racing background also made him the perfect stuntperson. He started out in stunts in 1985 before moving his way up to stunt coordinator and second unit director. He has credits in insanely popular movies like “War Dogs,” “Office Space,” “Spider-Man,” “Wonder Woman,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Town,” and “The Green Hornet.”

He’s also gravitated toward TV roles. He has worked on shows like “24: Legacy,” “Magnum, P.I.,” “Hawaii Five-O.” He was even nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series in “Sons of Anarchy.”

Working Alongside Chuck Norris

When it comes to connecting and working with his dad, Eric Norris has done plenty of that as well. Chuck Norris is famous for his 1993 to 2001 TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger.” According to IMDb, Eric acted in 19 episodes, directed nine, and produced four. He is also the stunt coordinator for 90 of the episodes in the popular Western series.

Eric Norris has proven to have an expansive skillset — from directing to acting to stunts to NASCAR. He’s managed to juggle two very different careers. There are certainly a lot of benefits that can come from having Chuck Norris as a dad. The two have always been close, given their work lives and similar interests. However, Eric made it clear that he always had to work hard at what he wanted, despite his celebrity father.

“He opened a lot of doors for me, but I have to work my butt off and I have the motivation to work a little harder because I had that advantage and I want to prove myself. It’s a great thing to have him as a dad,” he told ESPN.