Meet the Dodgers Ballgirl Who Went Viral for Decking Fan on Field in Wild Video

by Courtney Blackann

The L.A. Dodgers’ 6-1 defeat over the Angels wasn’t the team’s only winning moment Sunday. In a video that went viral, a Dodgers fan who stormed the field was taken down by the team’s ballgirl – a feat personnel was unable to do. Now, we know that girl is 24-year-old Marissa Rohan.

While Rohan has worked for the Dodgers team since 2019, she has never experienced notoriety of this kind before now. The girl is being praised on social media for her hero-level takedown.

In an Instagram post, Rohan joked that Sunday was a bit of a rough day.

“Yeah I am not going to stop talking about this lol,” the Dodgers ballgirl said on her social media story.

In addition to her athleticism on the ball field, Rohan was also a former gymnast, which she regularly posts about on her social media accounts.

The young woman is a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at Cal State Northridge. She is a senior at the university where she is studying deaf studies.

In a clip that now boasts more than a million views, the fan is seen running across the field. He’s being chased by several members of security. Rohan catches the fan in the corner of the stadium. From there, she is able to grab him before he flips over the side barrier.

The crowd audibly gasps in the now-viral clip.

Aside from keeping the peace during MLB games, Rohan enjoys doing everyday things. She spends time with friends, travels and shares pictures of her life on social media.

The Dodgers See More Than Just Fans on the Field

Sporting events see fans every season looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Whether it’s a dare or one too many beers, fans have long tried to get on the field for some game-time interaction.

Speaking of fan interaction, the Dodgers have seen their fair share of bizarre incidents on the field. This time, it wasn’t a person interrupting the inning, but rather a paper airplane.

In a video that went viral last year, a fan is seen being cheered on as he aims a paper airplane towards the bases from high up in the stands.

As the plane glides through the air, it makes a stop near second base. It is then blown towards the third baseline. The paper airplane creator is seen throwing his hands in the air in celebration as the plane reaches the field.

Fans go absolutely wild in the stand. The ballplayers look around to see exactly what object just invaded their playing space.

The video went viral, raking in over a million views and sending fans everywhere some fun entertainment.