Michael Strahan Shows Love to His ‘Best Friend’ Enzo for National Dog Day with Awesome Montage

by Quentin Blount

Fox Sports analyst and former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan is a dog lover and he doesn’t exactly try to hide it.

Michael Strahan went from being a standout NFL player and Super Bowl champion, to being an on-screen personality. And while his career has changed over time, one thing that has never changed is his love for dogs. Strahan is always showing off his buddy Enzo on social media. That is exactly what he did on Thursday afternoon in honor of National Dog Day.

In his most recent post, Michael Strahan his beloved little Enzo in a series of photos and videos. It’s safe to say that the two share an unbreakable bond. And as the former defensive end notes in the caption, his pup really is man’s best friend.

“Happy #NationalDogDay! Or best friend day for me! 😂😂😂 #Enzo” Strahan wrote alongside the post.

It’s clear that Enzo is out here living his best life. After all, what could be better than playing with medicine balls and golf balls all day? He is a dog that looks like he is always happy. Fans took notice of just that and made note of it in the comments.

“That’s one happy pup! Enzo loves his daddy!” one person commented.

“Happy National Dog Day 🐶 We love you Enzo and you Champ Michael Strahan ❤️”

“He’s very smart and trained,” they said. “I hear that.

Michael Strahan Has a Big Heart for Other Dogs

Of course, Michael Strahan loves his buddy Enzo. The furry little guy just turned five years old earlier this month. And in addition to making a loving father to his own dog, the ex-football star has also teamed up with the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in the past to help advocate for proper dog treatment.

Strahan appeared in a public service announcement (PSA) called “Cold Paws.” In it, he warns people that dogs who are left outside in the cold weather can suffer from a variety of different health issues. Some of those include serious conditions like frobite and hypothermia as well as stress and depression. Furthermore, he tells viewers that dogs who are chained up and neglectetd also suffer from loneliness. That is because they lack the human companionship they so desperately want.

You can check out the video down below:

Dogs are of course sensitive creatures at the end of the day and like Michael Strahan notes, they need a lot of love and attention. That is why the former NFL star has made it one of his life goals to help support all of the good boys and girls out there.