Mike Tyson Laughs Off Fighting Logan Paul

by Matthew Memrick

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson laughed off the notion of a Logan Paul celebrity fight, but the 55-year-old legend could be laughing all the way to the bank.

Tyson, who fought Roy Jones Jr. last year, is caught up in a swirl of rumors with the 26-year-old YouTuber star. Logan Paul recently went eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather.

Yahoo! Finance reported on Tyson’s comments.

Paul Getting Tyson Fight, Respect?

Logan Paul, brother of YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, may be angling for the flight.

The opportunity to fight one of the most feared boxers of all time might be enough for a massive payday for both Paul and Tyson.

Tyson, probably more amused than anything else, chuckled at the notion.

The boxer danced around the prospect of a fight, saying “anything is possible” before laughing about a fair battle against Paul.

Paul’s celebrity and fighting skills have made him somewhat of a boxing commodity.

His fight with Mayweather Jr. led to 1 million pay-per-view sales and $50 million in sales. 

And Tyson loves charity. His fight with Jones Jr. generated $80 million, and of that amount, he gave $10 million to charity.

“Anything is possible, you know, because by doing this we have a great exponent of charities to give to so the charities win both ways,” said Tyson, about a possible bout with Paul. 

Tyson On Weed For Paul Fight?

If there’s a Paul-Tyson bout, would Iron Mike smoke up before entering the ring? It is a possibility.

Tyson told Yahoo! Finance that weed and psychedelic drugs have helped him lace up his boxing gloves again. He’s been retired officially for more than a decade.

The boxer laments he should have smoked during his entire career because “it put me in this different state of mind.”

He added that the more relaxed he is, the better of a fighter he becomes, or at least that he found in his case.

Could Tyson fight with pot in his system? Sure.

Nevada’s state athletic commission said it would stop going after boxers and mixed martial arts fighters if they tested positive for marijuana in their system. The commission voted unanimously to end drug testing.

The Florida State Boxing Commission did the same in removing marijuana from drug testing.

Odds Against Paul If He Fights Tyson?

One UFC fighter thinks Tyson will smoke Logan Paul in the ring.

Michael Bisping told Yahoo! Life that he supported Tyson, saying he had “concerns for Logan Paul.” 

He added Paul might get knocked out, though exhibition fighters avoided knockouts.

Bisping finished by saying, “Do you really see any world that you can imagine where Mike Tyson isn’t going to try and knock out Logan Paul?”

Recently, Logan Paul got into a heated altercation with an autograph seeker in Los Angeles. 

Whoa there, Logan. Better save some of that energy for Tyson if that fight happens.

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