Minnesota Vikings Star Justin Jefferson Pricelessly Tells Deion Sanders He’d ‘Get Open’ on NFL Legend

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday, the NFL Network shared an interview that included Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Justin Jefferson hilariously telling legendary cornerback Deion Sanders that he couldn’t guard him.

Another young standout receiver A.J. Brown of the Tennessee Titans joined Jefferson during their conversation with Sanders and former NFL running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Since the panel had two of the league’s best young wide receivers, Jones-Drew had to stir the pot a bit. He asked if either of the players could beat Deion “Prime Time” Sanders in a one-on-one matchup.

“Do any of y’all think you could’ve got over on Uncle Prime here?” Drew asked the two young receivers. “Does anybody think they could’ve scored a touchdown on Prime?”

“Of course! I ain’t going to say he can lock me up. Of course I can get open,” Justin Jefferson said with confidence and a sly smile.

“Don’t do these young boys like that, brother. You gotta love ’em,” Sanders amusingly responded as the panel shared a laugh.

After Jefferson’s hilarious exchange with Sanders, Brown made the mistake of calling the former cornerback “one of the best.” He followed that up by immediately saying “if not the best,” but the damage was already done.

“No, no, nah, nah, it wasn’t one of the best. Don’t, nuh-uh, nuh-uh, ain’t one of the best,” Sanders disagreed as the whole group cracked up.

Sanders is obviously in the conversation for the best cornerback in NFL history. However, according to “Neon Deion,” there’s no contest. Later, Brown agreed, or maybe just gave in, as he admitted to Sanders that he is indeed the GOAT.

Justin Jefferson Ranks Himself Above DeAndre Hopkins

Justin Jefferson continued to ruffle feathers earlier in the day with his Top 5 Wide Receivers list. In order, he ranked Julio Jones, Davante Adams, himself, DK Metcalf, and DeAndre Hopkins as the top receivers in the league.

However, the first-year player ranking himself above Hopkins who sits at No. 5 caused quite the stir. There’s no problem with having confidence, and Jefferson did have an outstanding rookie season. But Hopkins has been the league’s top one or two receivers for years now. Additionally, Hopkins himself even had to chime in on the rookie’s questionable list.

“Can’t take nothing away from them, we all great. But [ranking] me at five, he must be drinking Shannon Sharpe Yak,” Hopkins disagreed, including some crying emojis.

Hopkins has since deleted his tweet responding to Jefferson’s Top 5 WRs list. He did admit all the receivers, including the young guys, are great players in the NFL. Yet, he knows his years of production and stellar statistics speak for themselves.