Mitch Trubisky Wins ‘NVP’ of Bears-Saints Game Despite Underwhelming Performance

by Joe Rutland

It wasn’t a winning performance by Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky on Sunday, but fans on Nickelodeon had other thoughts.

Trubisky took part in the Bears’ 21-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints in an NFC Wild Card game in New Orleans. Nickelodeon, the kids’ network, also was airing the game at the same time as CBS. Their viewers were asked to choose an “NVP,” or “Nickelodeon Valuable Player,” of the game.

According to the voting results, Trubisky picked up the honor…in a losing effort.

As you can see, Trubisky picks up 49 percent of the votes. Chicago teammate Akiem Hicks is second with 16 percent, followed by New Orleans’ Cameron Jordan with 8 percent.

With the victory, the Saints move on to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week in the NFC divisional round. Chicago packs up and goes home for the winter.

Trubisky completed 19 of 29 passes for 199 yards and one touchdown in the loss.

Chicago fans were in no mood to celebrate at all. One of them managed to get on Trubisky’s Wikipedia page and update it with his latest, um, honor.

Nickelodeon Shows Mitch Trubisky Play In Defeat

Some people might ask, “Why was this game being shown on Nickelodeon?”

CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said it was done to “maximize the co-viewing appeal for kids and families while maintaining the integrity of the game and its traditions.”

Another possible reason is that CBS and Nickelodeon are both owned by ViacomCBS.

“Our game plan is to make sure the ‘NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon’ definitely lives up to its name by infusing the telecast with Nick’s sensibility of surprise and fun at almost every turn,” said Brian Robbins, President of ViacomCBS Kids & Family Entertainment. “We’re incredibly proud to team up with CBS Sports and the NFL to elevate the thrill of this game for kids and families to enjoy together.”

Trubisky Ends Tough Season With Chicago Bears

This season was full of ups and downs for Mitch Trubisky. For part of the season, he was their starting quarterback. He also spent time as the backup quarterback, too.

In late November, the Bears were heading into a crucial game against their longtime arch-rivals, the Green Bay Packers.

The Bears named Trubisky as the starter for that game. The team turned back to Trubisky, who hadn’t thrown a pass since being benched in Week 3 in Atlanta.

Further, he only played one snap over an eight-week span — a 3-yard first-quarter run against the New Orleans Saints that left him with a right shoulder injury. That hit knocked him out of action for two weeks.

Chicago, though, turned to him to face the Packers at Lambeau Field. It didn’t matter as Aaron Rodgers led the Pack past the Bears 41-25.