MMA Fighter Has Testicle Removed After It Ruptured During Training Session

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, professional MMA fighter Christian Lohsen announced that he had to have a testicle removed following a freak accident in training this week.

The Professional Fighters League competitor took to Instagram yesterday to reveal the whole ordeal. After he took a knee to his groin area, one of his testicles ruptured. The brutal injury forced doctors to take action as they performed surgery to remove the ruptured testicle.

The 26-year-old Florida resident explained what happened and shared further details on social media for his more than two thousand fans. Considering what the MMA fighter just went through, he seems in high spirits after surgery. Lohsen even poked fun at himself within his caption.

“So last night was rough… in a training accident I got my left testicle ruptured by a knee which led to it getting surgically removed … thank you to everyone last night that helped me get to the hospital. I’m fine home resting, surgery went well. Doc said I won’t lose testosterone or ability to have kids from this. If I lose the other one however it’s a different story. So from now on if you hit me in my last testicle we aren’t friends… lol,” Lohsen wrote before adding a series of amusing hashtags.

#NoNutNovember #OneBallWonder #MMAIsADangerousGame #TookNoNutNovemberWayTooFar,” the MMA fighter added.

The young MMA fighter has a 9-2 record so far in his career. Lohsen has come out victorious in five of his last six fights. In 2019, he lost to J.J. Okanovich in UFC boss Dana White‘s Contender Series.

MMA Fighter Justin Thornton Dies at 38 After Injury at Bare-Knuckle Event

In other recent mixed martial arts news, MMA fighter Justin Thornton sadly passed away last month after suffering serious injuries in a previous bare-knuckle event. The 38-year-old sustained injuries in an August fight, but his cause of death has not been revealed.

While participating in a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) event on Aug. 20, fighter Dillon Cleckler knocked out Thornton. Cleckler punched Thornton in the face several times before he fell headfirst onto the mat. Thornton lied on the mat motionless for some time before he was rushed to the hospital.

Reports stated that the MMA fighter was left partially paralyzed after the event. Thornton spent the last six weeks of his life in the hospital where doctors treated him for a spinal cord infection. He also spent multiple weeks hooked up to a ventilator before he passed on Oct. 4.

Later that same day, BKFC President Dave Feldman shared a statement about Thornton’s death.

“This morning we were very saddened to be notified of the passing of one of our fighters, Justin Thornton, who competed at BKFC 20 on August 20, 2021,” Feldman said in the statement. “We join the rest of the combat sports community in sending our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”

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