MMA Fighter Kyle ‘Boom’ Reyes Dies After Undergoing Surgery for Torn Bicep

by Madison Miller

MMA fighter Kyle “Boom” Reyes has unfortunately passed away. He was a fighter out of Randy Couture’s gym over in Las Vegas, a UFC and MMA championship fighter.

Reyes was reportedly in the gym getting surgery for a torn bicep and broken hand this last Friday.

According to TMZ Sports, the day after his surgery Reyes was found completely unresponsive in his room at home. He was then rushed to the hospital’s ICU. Apparently, while he was in the ICU, he developed pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

He began to make small improvements in the ICU, but sadly still passed away on Monday.

Sadly, Reyes was only 30 years old when he died. He had an extreme passion for MMA fighting and made his professional debut back in 2009 during the Pacific Xtreme Combat promotion.

Reyes fought against the current UFC champ, Alexander Volkanovski, but lost in the ring in 2014. He spent years going up against some of the greatest fighters all around the world. His record in the MMA was 15-7 before he passed away.

His family currently has a GoFundMe page up following his passing. The page was set up while he was still in the ICU. “The infection had spread to both lungs, his organs were shutting down and we didn’t know the extent of damage to his brains and if he would come back to the same goofy, determined, loving man that he is,” his family member wrote on the page.

They have so far raised a little over $15,000.

Response to Kyle Reyes Passing

Since his tragic death, many fans and fighting figures on social media have responded to the news that Kyle Reyes has passed away.

One fan wrote about their initial reaction to hearing the news on Twitter.

“When I started training Jiu Jitsu on Guam. There were a lot of old heads making waves. Standing among these titans was Kyle Reyes, a young kid with unimaginable talent, scary talent if I’m keeping it 100. I’m deeply saddened by the news of him moving on,” the person wrote.

Comedian Adam Hunter also wrote, “RIP Kyle Reyes. You were one of the nicest and most humble fighters I ever met. Gone way too soon.”

Lewis Simpson, a Scottish MMA writer, had expressed his desire to help Reyes while he was battling in the ICU unit.

“MMA community we need to come together and help Kyle’s Reyes and his family. Reyes is currently fighting for his life in hospital after being found unresponsive! I believe things aren’t going well. Let’s share this as far as possible!” he wrote.

Other fighters like Daniel Rodriguez, Dan Ige, Cody Stamann, Trevin Jones, and Alex Volkanovski have all paid their respects to the MMA fighter online.