Monday Night Football Weather Delayed Despite SoFi Stadium Having a Roof

by Jonathan Howard

Folks, Monday Night Football is not going to kick off on time. The Las Vegas Raiders are set to take on the Los Angeles Chargers. However, due to the weather in LA, the game is getting delayed. Now, how does that happen to a stadium with a roof?

Well, the truth of the matter is the upper deck is not protected from the weather. At least not completely. So, while a lot of the stadium is fine, there is a concern for fans attending the game. According to one video from inside the stadium, the kickoff is now set for 5:55 PM PST. That is 8:55 EST.

It isn’t just fans who are asking why a game in a dome is being delayed due to weather. It looks like Jon Gruden is having a hard time believing the Monday Night Football news as well.

The Raiders are coming into the game with a 3-0 record. The Chargers are 2-1 on the year. They have a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, however, they also have a win over the Kansas Chiefs. This could be a good season for LA, but they will have to lay one game at a time.

Before that next game gets started, fans, players, and everyone really is going to have to wait. A weather delay could take some time. For sports fans, this has been a rough few days with the weather. NASCAR experienced its own delays as well.

So, until the weather passes through, players will go back to the locker room and get ready for play the best way they can. Fans at the stadium and at home are not going to be happy with the delay. Being a west coast game, Monday Night Football is already getting started fairly late tonight.

Fans Reacts to Monday Night Football Delay

So, fans were a bit upset about the delay. Well, not really upset, but more bewildered. What it comes down to is the fact that the roof is retractable. It appears in one photo that the sides are opened up on the stadium and with the lightning, there were areas of the stadium that were unsafe.

One user on Twitter said, “So you build a stadium that looks like a dome but actually isn’t a dome so a thunderstorm delays a football game because it’s not a dome? This feels like divine intervention for two teams that shouldn’t be located where they are.”

Hmm, that’s a good point. Perhaps this is the football gods saying that the Raiders belong in Oakland and the Chargers in San Diego. Not to mention, what are the chances of a game in LA being delayed due to weather in the first place? They have the best weather in the country!

Another user on Twitter said, “The Chargers and Rams spent 5 billion dollars on a dome stadium that has [a] weather delay.” That’s one way to put it. Just a very strange situation all the way around.