NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Shares Pictures of Dog Asher and ‘Road Trippin’ Life’

by Will Shepard

As recently as four months ago, Bubba Wallace’s name is now in just about every household across the country. For his prowess on the race track and outspoken social work with NASCAR, Wallace’s stock is on the rise.

But, in news outside the NASCAR circuit, it seems that Bubba is traveling across the country. Though the destination isn’t public knowledge, he shares these adorable pictures of his dog.

There’s nothing quite like a fluffy doggo bouncing around in photos to brighten up the day. In late July Bubba made more headlines when he and his girlfriend adopted Asher.

“Well… we did a thing today! Asher meet the world… world meet Asher.”

Bubba clearly loves his new family member as this is not the only two instances he’s shown off Asher to his fans. And consequently, people are falling instantly in love with the pup.

COVID-19 is apparently the time to adopt new pets as pet shelters across the country are running out of animals to give out. As per USA Today, animal adoptions as of August are up 202 percent when compared to this time last year. Bubba is one of many celebrities to use quarantine as an avenue to adopt a new pet.

Bubba and Asher

As cute a dog as there is, Asher is all over Bubba’s instagram.

We aren’t sure we even stand a chance with this ball of fluff. Undoubtedly, Asher is growing rapidly but seems to still be just as cute.

People love the pupper and can’t get enough of him.

Bubba is using his time off productively before his next season racing for 23XI. Driving around what looks to be the west is a great way to spend downtime. And with a puppy in tow, it doesn’t get much better than that.