NASCAR: Bubba Wallace’s ‘Unique’ Approach to Bowling Resurfaces on National Bowling Day

by Suzanne Halliburton

Remember that time Bubba Wallace turned a bowling lane into an indoor slip-and-slide?

The Fox NASCAR account does. And why not, Saturday was the day we salute bowlers everywhere.

So the Fox: NASCAR account trotted out a video, with this cheeky comment:

“Happy #NationalBowlingDay, everyone. We celebrate it with Bubba Wallace and his … unique … approach to attacking the pins.”

And the comment was followed by a laughing/crying emoji, the best kind. As Dolly Parton once said, “laughter through tears is my favorite emotion,” but we digress.

Bubba Wallace Also Looked Like He Was Sliding into Home

Fox likes to use this Bubba Wallace bowling clip every now and then. Why not? It’s hilarious. Back in September 2019, the same video posted on Facebook drew 34,000 comments and 67 million views.

In the video, Wallace puts the gold ball down on the lane. He backs up and almost looks like he’s preparing to kick a field goal. But considering that ball weighs at least 15 pounds, kicking it probably wouldn’t be prudent, especially for a guy who needs his right foot to press on the gas pedal.

But this is where Bubba fakes everybody out. Instead of kicking, he slides headfirst towards the ball. Maybe he did something similar back when he was younger, when he was playing baseball and needed that kind of slide at home plate. But as you can see, Wallace, on his belly, pushed the ball with his hands. And it slowly picked up enough speed to knock down all the pins on impact.

Now, that’s worth celebrating!

Bubba Wallace needs a bit of levity this season. It hasn’t gone as well as he’d hoped. He has one top 10 finish in 23 starts. Wallace started driving for 23XI racing this year. And superstars Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin are co-owners of the team. Jordan, the basketball legend, predicted at least a couple of victories for 2021. Conversely, last season Wallace fared far better. He notched four top-10s. And he had a dozen finishes in the top 20.

This past week Bubba Wallace was interviewed for the SiriusXM NASCAR Radio channel. He summed up his first-year experience with 23XI racing.

“We all want to win, of course. That’s why we’re here,” Bubba Wallace said. “That’s why we show up every week, is to win. But there’s been a lot of things in our control and out of our control that have taken us out of having really good finishes. Have we had a winning car this year yet? No. Maybe for Daytona, yes, but other than that, we’ve had some top-5 moments. We’ve had a lot more top-10 moments than we’ve shown on paper, but it’s just been the new-team blues.”

He’s competing this weekend at the Verizon 200 at the Brickyard in Indianapolis. Wallace posted a snap of himself posing next to his car.

“Back in the fry box this weekend in Indy,” Bubba Wallace said. Maybe he’ll be as successful in Indy as he was on the bowling lane.