NASCAR: Danica Patrick Celebrates Life ‘On The Outside Looking In’

by Halle Ames

Danica Patrick might not be in the driver’s seat anymore, but she said she is happy to be “on the outside looking in” in a recent Instagram post. 

Yesterday, former NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, uploaded a heartfelt post for the sport she competed in for over eight years. She included three pictures of herself and friends at Phoenix Raceway, watching the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

Danica Patrick Shares Bittersweet Post

In the first photo, Patrick holds onto the chain-linked fence and is fixated on the race like a child looking at a puppy. She has on a cream leather jacket and a bulky headset for the noise. 

The second photo shows Patrick between two friends, who all smile trackside. 

Finally, the third picture is of a seating area with a massive screen for watching the race. Playing on the TV is Chase Elliott, who is celebrating his win with a warm embrace. 

Danica Patrick has more than 779,000 followers on her Instagram. The post has already received over 13,400 likes and 205 comments. 

Patrick captioned the photo with a heartfelt message about her time racing as well as a congratulations to the men retiring. She also gave a shoutout to Chase Elliott, who won the race. 

“Happily on the outside looking in 😌. Had a really good time back at the track today for the last race of the season. A few retirements today from @clintbowyer@jimmiejohnson and @chadknaus….. guys that have changed the game in @nascar. So, it’s only appropriate for the championship winner @chaseelliott9 to be one of the youngest ever. Life is always evolving and changing. 🙌🏼”

NASCAR Cup Series 2020

One of the most popular drivers within the sport, Elliot won the NASCAR Cup Series as the third-youngest winner of the race in NASCAR history. The young driver will turn 25-years-old in just 20 days.

In addition, Elliott’s father, Bill, is also a racer and a winner, so Elliott will be able to put this trophy on the mantle with his father’s.