NASCAR Star Denny Hamlin Has Words About the ‘Free Market’ Amid Stock Market Craziness

by Kayla Zadel

The United States woke up to some interesting stock market news on Thursday (Jan. 28). Someone, who apparently pays attention to Wall Street or maybe just trending news, is NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin.

The stock car driver is airing his grievances on Twitter about the news that’s surrounding the video game store, GameStop.

Hamlin writes, “I don’t know who’s doing what and who’s manipulating who in this ‘free market’ but the internet is undefeated and all this is going to do is piss off the people more. They will get together in even bigger and stronger numbers just to defy the system.”

Twitter users are chiming in with their thoughts on Hamlin’s comments.

“Now this right here is a right and proper team owner,” this follower commends the race car driver and co-team owner on his words regarding the stock market madness.

“And in some cases that is good and in others it’s not! Playing with fire is dangerous,” warns another.

Then this comment includes a nod at one of Hamlin’s current TV commercials, “”I normally follow you for your PJs but this is spot on here.”

Denny Hamlin and Wall Street

Believe it or not, but the No. 11 Toyota Camry often stop by Wall Street to give interviews. The pit stops typically happen after the race car driver wins a race. Denny Hamlin usually talks about his races and his career. But in this video, he talks about money management.

The veteran NASCAR driver warns the next generation “the fountain of money, when you are an athlete, turns off one day.” 

Hamlin continues to say that he has a money management team and accountants that help him save money for his retirement.

“They do a great job of managing my future,” Denny Hamlin says in the interview. “You’ve gotta have that continual income to live the lifestyle you want to live the rest of your life and you’ve gotta have the right people managing that.”

What’s more, now the three-time Daytona 500 winner co-owns a team with NBA superstar Michael Jordan. He’s obviously more than just a driver. He’s a businessman and team owner that is now saddled with making business decisions. This could be perhaps the reason why he’s paying attention to the recent news regarding the stock market.

Hamlin and Michael Jordan’s Team

Denny Hamlin has worn the “jump man” on his racing suit for the past couple of years. This logo that we’re referring to is that of Michael Jordan. Jordan has been a NASCAR fan since he was a kid.

Hamlin and Jordan met at a basketball game and the two became fast friends. Fast forward 5 to 6 years later and the two are talking about forming a team.

“Obviously there’s a big financial commitment when it comes to starting a Cup team. When we threw all the numbers out there to say, OK, if we want to build a championship-caliber team, this is what we’re going to have to do, he was in,” Hamlin tells The Wall Street Journal.

Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan are planning on running the 23XI team this season. The team’s name pays homage to Jordan’s jersey number. Additionally, the co-owners have hired Bubba Wallace as their driver. He will be driving the No. 23 Toyota Camry.

The NASCAR Cup Series kicks off with Busch Clash at DAYTONA on Feb. 9.