NASCAR: Joey Logano Announces Third Child on the Way, Holds Epic Racing-Themed Gender Reveal

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday, NASCAR driver Joey Logano and his wife, Brittany, announced that she’s pregnant with the help of their two young sons.

Logano enlisted his children to help create one of the cutest and most creative gender reveal videos you’ll ever see. The No. 22 driver of course had a racing-themed gender reveal but in miniature form. The Cup Series star and his wife shared the big news with his fans in a YouTube clip.

“We’ve been wanting to tell everybody something here for a while,” Logano said in a deadpan demeanor. “Brittany’s been pretty sick and tired about a lot of things going on in our life and in her life. We didn’t know how to tell everybody this news.”

“But we already have two boys together. We feel comfortable with that, and things are going to be okay. But, I mean, she’s pregnant,” he announced before bursting with laughter as Brittany screamed with joy.

The NASCAR driver then asks his oldest son Hudson if he wants a baby brother or sister. Hudson decides he wants a sister before getting into an electric miniature version of his dad’s Team Penske Ford Mustang. As friends and family stand by for the big reveal, Hudson and his younger brother, Jameson, buckle up to speed off. As Hudson stomps on the gas and burns out, a cloud of pink smoke comes flying off the tires.

Everyone, especially the ladies in attendance, scream with excitement for the big reveal. Joey and Brittany Logano are officially having a baby girl as their third child. Additionally, Hudson came back around in the toy car and hit a victory donut just like his famous dad after he wins a race.

NASCAR Driver Joey Logano ‘Just Happy I’m Alive’ After Major Crash at Talladega GEICO 500

NASCAR Cup Series driver Joey Logano’s gender reveal was fun and playful, and it was exciting news for his family and friends. However, a few months ago, his horrific crash at the Talladega GEICO 500 was no laughing matter. In fact, he walked away from the accident simply happy to be alive.

During the big race at Talladega in April, Logano made contact with another race car at more than 100 miles per hour. The contact made his Ford Mustang spin out before the car lifted off the ground and flipped over numerous times. His car eventually landed right side up, but the 10-second incident must have felt like an eternity as he flew through the air.

Luckily, Logano miraculously came away unscathed, which is a testament to NASCAR‘s safety equipment. Within minutes of the massive crash, he spoke with a reporter.

“On one hand, I am so proud to drive a Cup car that is safe – that I can go through a crash like that and get out and speak about it,” Joey Logano said. “And one hand, I’m mad about being in the crash and the other hand I’m just happy I’m alive.”

“On the other hand, I think when are we going to going to stop? Because this is dangerous doing what we are doing. I got a roll bar in my head. That is not OK. I am one hit away from the same situation Ryan Newman just went through,” he added.